The Randy Kintz "Treat-Not-Trick" Sale!

Got some big news today, for all you comic art lovers out there. With September nearly over and autumn underway, Randy Kintz has made the decision to hold a special sale for all of you, as a thank you for all your support this year. Your blogmaster had nothing to do with this, as this is completely at Randy's behest.

So, starting Friday and running through the entire month of of October, all of Randy's original art that we currently have in stock will be 50% off the listed price! This is no joke, it's for real! In fact, we've decided to call it the "Randy Kintz Treat-Not-Trick Sale!" This will give you all a very rare opportunity to pick up some of Randy's art at rock bottom prices! Besides original art doesn't run you the risk of cavities. Some might call this crazy, but it is certainly a most generous gesture from one of Sequential Treasures up-and-coming talents! So, don't let Randy's goodwill go to waste. Spread the word and be sure to get in on this incredibly awesome deal! Stop by our art gallery and get ready to place your order promptly.

And if you think this is big news, be prepared for even more to come, as I have more appearances by our roster of talent and new art updates, plus a few other surprises, all of which are scheduled for October. So, if you thought things were slowing down at Sequential Treasures with the end of summer, you couldn't have been more wrong! So, be watching here for more news and info, as things are just going to be picking up steam again. Until then, peace out!


Hitting The Shelves: Chip: Second Crack #1

Hello again, my faithful ones! I'm here once more, to give you all the lowdown on what's happening at Sequential Treasures HQ. As Fall has officially fell, the changing season also brings about some colorful events soon to come here.

First off, Jet City ComiCon was nice. Saw a few friends, bought a few comics and even got a couple sketches. It was a really nice day, as it felt good to be a mere attendee for a change (although I'll probably get a table there next year). I hope any of you who went had yourselves a good time (and also made sure to stop by Randy Kintz and Ben Hansen's tables, too).

Now, though, it is time to inform you all that the next mini-series for Richard Moore's all-ages series "Chip" will be found in all finer comic establishments this coming Wednesday. Chip: Second Crack #1, from Antarctic Press, picks up right where we left off from the first mini-series. Chip is still determined to become the scariest gargoyle statue around, even though he's only four inches tall. The new mini-series will be filled with the same sense of humor and light-hearted feeling as the previous one. So, if you liked the first one (and who didn't?), you need to be sure to pick up this one. Just look for the cover displayed above.

Well, that's all for now. But I have some more stuff for you coming up in the next few weeks, as I drop the info on more con appearances by the talent, more new art for sale and a few other surprises. Don't worry, I'm sure you are gonna like them. Until next time, peace out!


Sequential Treasures to rule the Jet City ComiCon this Saturday!

Hello, once more, my art loving fiends! I'm back again to bring you more news on the goings-on at Sequential Treasures HQ, where we are always cooking up cool stuff for all of you. It's been a pretty quiet month this September, but that's only because we are catching out breath until the next big wave of excitement.

This Saturday is the 1st annual Jet City ComiCon in Seattle, WA. This new show is really starting thing off right, as they've asked several of Sequential Treasures own roster of talent to appear (which they were more than happy to do so). Ben Hansen, Randy Kintz and Matt Haley will all be in attendance at the event. Ben Hansen has even produce an exclusive limited edition print for the show, featuring Jet City's "Bomber Girl" mascot. Mean while Randy Kintz has a couple of new prints, featuring the ladies of DC Comics, as well as his new 2010 sketch books, which are being unveiled at the show. And, of course, all of them will be doing sketch for the masses. You can see pictures of the new prints and other exclusive items at our Facebook Forum, while you can get the full lowdown on the show (and the other guests to be there) at their website. Your semi-humble blogmaster will also be there, but not in an official capacity, just as a fan. But if you happen to catch me drifting about, make sure to say hello.

That's it for now. I have lots of cool stuff I'm getting ready to start shooting down the pipeline to you, so be ready for more major happenings and info soon. Until then, peace out!


Randy Kintz becomes "Museum Worthy!"

Hey there, folks! I got a little something different from the usual news and info I generally give you all. It isn't about new art for sale, interviews, reviews, or appearances by the talent (at least, not in the traditional sense). Today's news a little something special.

Starting tomorrow, the Maryhill Museum in Goldendale, WA will be hosting a new exhibit called "Comics at the Crossroads." It will be spotlighting the changing face and importance of comic art over the last few decades, in both pop culture and the mainstream artistic purview, as it spotlights the large concentration of comic artists in the region. Here's the description of what this exhibit is all about:

"In recent years comics have moved from the cultural fringes into the artistic and literary mainstream. The Pacific Northwest is home to a growing community of comic artists, including more than half a dozen major comic publishing houses and many smaller ones. The exhibition Comics at the Crossroads: Art of the Graphic Novel examines this vibrant and evolving art form with a focus on 40 Northwest artists who are established stars and emerging lights in the comic art universe.

The exhibition features previously published and unpublished works, such as sample page spreads and book covers, along with related toys."

Of the 40 artists, Sequential Treasures own Randy "Rantz" Kintz is among them. A page from one of the issues of the Jason and the Argonauts mini-series he did for Bluewater Comics a few years ago, will be a part of the display. All of us here couldn't be prouder of him and hope that this will serve as an example to many outside of the comic community, that comic art is first and foremost just that: Art! You can get information on this from their press release, as well as a listing of the other artists involved and direction to the Maryhill Museum at their website. So, if you are going to be in the area tomorrow (or anytime within the next couple of months, while the display will be shown) make an effort to check it out. This is certainly a great honor, not only for Randy and the other artists, but for comic art lovers of all kinds!

That's it for now, but I'll be back soon, as I'm still hard at work behind the scenes on some things. Until then, peace out!


The latest Richard Moore art for sale!

Hello, my faithful art lovers! Well, with the end of the summer, things have quieted down a little bit around here, but don't expect that to last, as that only means we are plotting more bigger and awesome stuf to come to finish out 2010!

Today, though, it simply another great update of art from our own workhorse, Richard Moore. This update batch is the complete 22 page story called M'Lady: Don't Tease (a page os which is shown above). See what happens when Richard's naughty princess runs afoul of a PETA-minded wizard, after she torments some small woodland creatures. Needless to say, the lesson shw learns isn't quite what you would think. Be forewarned, though, that this is one of Richard's adult-themed stories, so the art is NSFW and not meant for kids. Still, for those of you who are able to view it safely, just head over to our art gallery. Then, place your orders fast, because the last few updates of Richard's stuff have had a very short shelf-life.

That's it for now. I'll be back shortly, as we have some upcoming appearence for some of our talent, as well as more art updates expected. On top of all that, I'm working of something kinda big for next year, but if it is worked out I'll be sure to drop some hints much sooner (oooo, you know how much I love to get crytpic on you all). Until next time, peace out!


See Mick Gray in Sacramento this Sunday!

Hey there, once again, my fellow art fans! Time to drop a quick bit of info to you on an appearence by comic inker extraordinaire, Mick Gray!

Seems he got a last minute invite to the Sac-Con is Sacramento, CA. The show it scheduled for this Sunday. Asside from the usualy stuff, there will also be a costume contest, an art contest, and some other surprises. Mick will be on hand with some original art he's selling, as well as the fact he'll be doing some sketches, too. This is the longest running comic related show in that area, so if you are around there, make sure to stop by and show Mick some love (and some cash, too). You can get all the details on the show at their website.

This, is on top of having our instore siging and sketch event with Randy Kintz today in Yakima, WA. Your blogmaster will also be there with lots of original art for sale at that event, so it looks to be a busy weekend for Sequential Treasures and our talent.

Of course, if you can't make either of these events, you can alway stop by our art gallery and place an order for some art online. It might not be as fun as seeing us in person, but you know you'll still be treated right and get some of best comic art available.

That's it for now. I'm hoping my next post will be about a fabulous new art update, as I'm expecting some new stuff from some of our talented artists any day now. Until then, peace out!


The "heavenly" art of Randy Kintz!

Hey, my loyal art minions! As the unofficial end of summer quickly approaches, we here at Sequential Treasures want to end the season right, as we cap off what has been a crazy time for all of us here.

I said yesterday that I was going to hit you with some special news today, well, here it is:

First, Randy Kintz original card set, titled "Rantz Angels," is now available for sale. Featuring a 50 card base set, plus one original sketch card, you'll see the artistic prowess of artists like Jason Martin, Joe Pekar, (the late) Pat Carlucci, Jason Metcalf, Randy Kintz, and a host of others, as they provide you a true masterwork of "heavenly bodies" to behold. But the sets are limited to only 1,000 copies, so get your order in fast, before they disappear as quickly as any other angelic vision. You can place your orders for them at the Sadlittles.com website.

Secondly, this Friday, you'll have the chance to see Randy in person, as he does a local in-store signing & sketch event at Ron's Coin & Collectibles in Yakima, WA. He'll have comics and prints for signing (including a new color edition of his popular JLA print), as well as be doing sketches. Sequential Treasures will be there, as well, with tons of great comic art for sale. There will be free refreshments for those who attend and maybe even a few surprises, too. The event runs from 5 pm to 7 pm and we hope to see lots of folks turn out. It's sure to be a fun time.

Well, that's all for now. I hope to have some new art updates for you soon, as well as more news on our artists. Until then, peace out!