Hitting The Shelves: Fire and Brimstone #4

Well, when you make that trek to your comic dispensing establishment tomorrow, don't forget to pick up a copy of Fire and Brimstone #4 (of 5), from Richard Moore and Antacrtic Press. It follows the zany adventures of an angel and demoness, as they go bounty hunting for demons they accidentally let loose centuries ago. Of course, it seems the bounty hunters are about to become the hunted.

This book has been flying under a lot of folks radar, so make sure to grab a copy when you see it. This is the series that Matt Levin from Comic Related said: "As with all of Richard Moore’s comics, I can enjoy F&B#1 in many re-readings, the good test of quality."

Make sure to look for the cover image shown here. And I hope to soon have some of Richard Moore's original art from the series available to purchase, in the very near future. So, stay tuned for the details. In the meantime, don't forget all the great art I currently have in stock from him. More to come soon!

Like a Phoenix from the ashes....

Well, while Space Goat Fine Arts is no more, it seems that I am not quite finished here yet. Or, as a famous man once said: "Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in!"

So, out of the ashes of Space Goat, Sequential Treasures has been reborn. As before, this space will be here to give you all the lowdown on the artists I'll be repping for. Giving you notice on new art available to buy, shows we will be attending, new works available at you local comic shop and even some other little goodies.

For now, the only artist in my stable is Richard Moore. I hope to change that in time. Until then, I hope you will continue to join me on this journey through the artistic realms of the world of comics! I promise to try and make it a very fun, entertaining and informative ride for you all. Onward and upwards!


James Meeley

Your humble blogmaster and art connection