New art from Randy Kintz now availavble to purchase!

Hey, all you comic art lovers! Just going to post up a little quickie post, so that you all can be made aware that Randy "Rantz" Kintz has made his pages from Jason and the Argonauts #1, from Bluewater Comics, available to purchase (inculding the nice page you see shown right here).

The prices on these pages are very reasonable and affordable, as both Randy and myself are very sympathetic to how tight funds are for many folks right now. Please, head on over to my art gallery and check out what's new (as well as all the other great art still available to buy). You'll be glad you did.

That's all for now. Tomorrow I have some more news for you regarding Randy, but that will have to keep for now. Until then, peace out!


Hitting The Shelves: Far West: Bad Mojo #2

Hey all! It is once again time to give you all the proverbial heads up on some new comic goodness to be found at your local comic retailer this week, featuring one of Sequential Treasures own top-flight talent!

Out tomorrow is Far West: Bad Mojo #2 (of 2) from Antarctic Press and showcasing the peerless artistic presence of our own Richard Moore! Trapped in the area called the Badlands, Meg and Phil the Bear face off against some of the deadliest dangers they ever have. Will they survive and escape this perilous region? Will they capture the bounty they tracked into the Badlands? Will Meg actually hold her temper and cursing in check (Well, I think that last one can be a given as "no.")? All this and more will be answered in the mini-series conclusion. Since this is the first Far West book in almost a decade, this seems to be slipping under the radar of many folks, so make sure you get your copy. Just be on the lookout for the cover shown right here.

And don't forget all the great new art from Richard I updated with very recently. Much of it (along with lots of other goodies by him) are still available to purchase. Make sure to stop by my art gallery and check out what I currently have in stock from Richard (and the other artists art I have in inventory). Until next time, peace out!


Because I haven't cornered the market on knowledge....

Hello, my fellow comic art lovers! This time out I wanted to do something a little bit different. So far, it has been me doing all the talking and all the writing around here. But one of the reasons I started this blog, was to have a place for all of you to give me your thoughts on things. Well, consider this an official invitation. I want to know what you think about Sequential Treasures up to this point.

Please use the comments section on this entry as your own personal "suggestion box." Let me know what your thoughts on things are. Is there something I'm not doing, that I should? Or something I am doing, that I should stop? What are the things you like about this service and what are things that need improving? What is it you would like from me and this endeavor? What can I do to make things better for you, and make you more interested than you already are? Let me know. I don't pretend to have all the answers here, and your input can only help me get a better idea of where I'm going and what direction I should be looking in next. I really want to know your feelings on things.

Remember, a business can only improve if the clientele speak up. So, let your voices ring out and be heard. I am most certainly willing to listen to all you have to say and give it the consideration it deserves. Until next time, peace out!


Randy Kintz art now available to purchase!

Hey all! Just wanted to drop the good news that I just updated my gallery with some fine artistic goodness from my newest talent addition: Randy "Rantz" Kintz!

Randy has made available to purchase his cover art from the Bluewater Comics series Legend of Isis (the cover to issue #4 is shown here)! As if that weren't enough, I also put up several pin pieces featuring some Vampire Hunters and Warrior Angels. Stop by my gallery and check out the new addition (and be sure to place your order before they all disappear). You can expect to see even more stuff for sale from Randy within the next several weeks. So, get used to see his unique blend of American an Manga art styles, as they are going to become a fixture around here.

Also, it is now confirmed that I will be at the Spokane ComiCon at the end of May. I have lined up my table there and all is green lighted to go (they even put up a link to this blog in the Artists Alley section of their website). So, make sure to mark the date on your calendar. That's all for now. Until next time, peace out!


Artist Bio: Randy "Rantz" Kintz

With the welcome news that I am again working with Randy Kintz, it also seems appropriate that you also get the lowdown on him. As with Richard Moore, those of you who've bought from me when I was working through Space Goat already will know most of this stuff (although, there is some new tidbits for you, which has not been known before). For the rest of you, this is the oppertunity to learn about Randy a bit. So, sit back and read on, McDuff:

"Born and raised in the outlying suburbs of Portland Oregon, Randy “Rantz” Kintz was destined to be an artist is some form or fashion. From early childhood, Randy would get into trouble for doodling on anything, and everything, that he could get his hands on. Not much has changed, in that sense. These days, his doodling has sparked the pages of Ray Harryhausens: Jason and the Argonauts, bringing new life to an already epic story, providing both pencils and inks. His blend of American and Anime styles has sparked interest all over the world. His art can also be seen on the covers of Legend of Isis, GEARZ (cover to issue #2 shown above), and Wrath of the Titans #1 Graham Cracker Exclusive from Bluewater Productions, to images within the pages of Cereal Geek, based out of England."

Expect to see big things from this guy later this year. In fact Randy is currently working on the series Drone from Red 5 Comics, which is due out shortly. You will have a chance to check out his work on it even sooner, as there is a preview of it set for Red 5's Free Comic Book Day offering which will be available in May. Randy's art style is very unique and distinct. It reminds me of a lot of artists who use an anime-influenced style (like Humberto Ramos and Joe Madureira), but it has an edge all it's own. Sequential Treasures is very happy to have him on board with us. Our list of talented creators only continues to grow, as we slowly begin our eventual bid to take over the comic industry!

I'll have some of Randy's art available to purchase very soon. So, keep tabs on my art gallery for the upcoming update. Until then, peace out!


"Rantz" and Raves: Randy Kintz is Back!

Okay, everyone. I told you I nabbed up another artist at Emerald City ComiCon last weekend. And I hinted that this talent would be familiar to those of you who've bought art from me before (back when I was with Space Goat). Well, the time has come to do the big reveal. The "new" artistic talent joining Sequential Treasures is: Randy "Rantz" Kintz!

Those of you who can recall, know I was repping for Randy at Space Goat. Well, now he's back and so is his art. In fact, he's even got some things going on I'll tell you all about later, when I revamp his creator bio and post it up here this weekend.

For now, you can simply bask in the glow of his handsomeness in the pic shown here (he's just too cute in it, isn't he?), as I get ready to put up his art for sale on my gallery very shortly (and don't forget the updates I just did with Chris Ivy and Richard Moore, in which much of their art is still available to purcahse). What's more, Randy will be at the Spokane ComiCon in May along with yours truly. So, make sure to mark the day of the show on your calendar. Stay tuned for more info as it comes...


Emerald City ComiCon: Oh, What A Time!

Hey there, everyone. Your humble blogmaster has returned from his jaunt at Seattle's Emerald City ComiCon. Sorry for the delay in posting about it, but a good show is like a long flight, in that both will leave you jet-lagged and drained. So, I needed yesterday just to decompress a bit, but now I'm back and ready to roll!

The show was a lot of fun. I saw lots of creators, and even got some nice goodies for myself and the wife. On the business front, I didn't really sell much art at the show, but then since I was helping out at the Hero Initiative booth, that isn't all that surprising. Still, I was hoping for more, but maybe next year, when I can have a booth of my own.

My assisting the Hero Initiative was a pleasure on my part. On Saturday, I was given the special task of getting as many creators as I could to sign a Hero Initiative t-shirt, which will now head to San Diego Con for more signatures, before it is raffled off. I got a lot of folks to sign (over 60 in total), including Bruce Timm, Tim Sale, Humberto Ramos, Frank Cho, Brandon Peterson, Patrick Gleason, Amanda Conner, Bob Layton, Paul Smith, Tony DeZuniga, Joe Jusko, Erik Larsen, Jim Valentino and many others. Sunday was more my helping out at the booth. In all, the charity took in almost $5,000.00, which will go to helping many creators who are in need this year. So, a job well done on that front.

As far as what was done for Sequential Treasures, I talked with Brian Pulido and shown him the art of Richard Moore and Chris Ivy that I had brought with me. I said that if he had anything work-wise they could do, to drop me a line and I'd put him in contact with them. We'll have to see how that goes. And I did get another artist to sign up with me, so that now brings the total to three. I'll do a special blog entry about them very shortly, but I will tell you now that this will be a familiar face, if you bought art from me before. As for the pic shown above, that is yours truly with writer and Space Goat Productions President (aka, my former boss) Shon C. Bury. I'm the one on the left. It was good to see him and hook up after the show for some fun. So, while I didn't accomplish everything I hoped to do, I did make some headway. And there is another show in Spokane coming at the end of May, which I will have my own booth at. So, if you are going to be there, be sure to stop by. Before then, I expect to have some more new art from Chris Ivy and an update on my new talent. So, keep your eyes peeled and ears open, because things are just starting to get good. More to come later!


I'm Emerald City Bound!

Well, I'm back and here to tell you the top secret news I've been hinting at for days. The time for teasing you is done and the time for the big reveal is here. So, here it is:

I will be at the Emerald City ComiCon this weekend. While that may not sound very exciting in and of itself, there is more to it. I won't have my own booth this year, as I did last year. This year I will be helping out the Hero Initiative and will be working their booth there from time-to-time. What's more, I'll be bringing a nice big portfolio with Richard Moore and Chris Ivy's art in it with me, as well as some pre-sketched sketchbooks I had Richard do a few months ago, which will give anyone going to the show access to the art for buying purposes. If you haven't gotten something from us yet, you have an opportunity to do so and save on the shipping costs. Can't beat that, can you?

So, if you are in Seattle this weekend and going to the show, stop by the Hero Initiative booth and say hello. And if I'm not there at that time, be on the lookout for a guy roaming the aisles, with a backpack full of comics for signing and a large art portfolio under his arm, as that will most likely be yours truly. Hope to see some of you there! I'll try to give you all a report of how things go, after the show ends. Maybe I'll even throw in some funny pics of what I see there. Until then, peace out!