Coast to coast with Sequential Treasures talent!

Hey there, my fellow art fiends! Well, it's time once again to drop some knowledge and info on you, concerning the talent roster of your favorite comic art dealership. This time out, we have a couple for you.

First off, Randy "Rantz" Kintz will be at the Boston Comic Con this weekend. It's one of the bigger shows of the year and so we are very pleased that Randy was able to be a part of it. Make sure to stop by his artist alley table and check out all his wares, including a couple of new prints that he's debuting at this show. You can get more info on this show at their website.

Meanwhile, at the same time and on the opposite side of the nation, Mike Vosburg will be one of the attendees to the Anaheim Comic Con in California, hosted by Wizard World. Mike's one of the longtime vets of this industry and has worked for most of the major companies. As one of the old schoolers of the industry, you have a rare opportunity to talk with one of comics most prolific artists. If you are at the show, stop by his artist alley table to say hello and check out his art. You'll be glad you did. More info is at the show's website.

Lastly, an update on the scanner situation. I have to report, that there is no change to report. A couple of very minor sales have taken place since I last spoke on this, but we are still a long way from the funds needed to replace this vital piece of equipment. So, the lack of art updates looks like it'll be continuing on for a little while at least. You can always try to help out yourself and buy a piece of art from our art gallery (especially if you won't be attending either of the shows listed here). Any assistance you can give on this will be greatly appreciated.

Well, that's all for now, but I'll be back soon, with some news about our plans for Free Comic Book Day 2011! You certainly don't want to miss out on that. So, until then, peace out!


Hitting The Shelves: Batman and Robin #22 and more!

Hey there, everyone. It's certainly a red letter day today, for reasons both good and bad. Let's start off with the good, as your blogmaster is here to give you the lowdown on some new comics coming out this week, which spotlight Sequential Treasures array of talented creators. And this week, we have two offerings for you.

First, is the concluding chapter to the first story arc by the new creative team on DC's Batman and Robin. Batman and Robin #22 will be hitting the shops on Wednesday, featuring the inks of our own Mick Gray (over the pencils of Patrick Gleason). And remember, after this issue, the regular team will be taking a break to get caught up on deadline, but will return on issue #26 or 27. So, don't drop the title just yet, as Mick and the guys are just getting warmed up for their run. Also, stop by our Facebook Group and check out the variant cover image to this issue (done by the great Gene Ha).

Second, we have the release of Richard Moore's Ladies of the Night one-shot from Antarctic Press! This is a pin-up book, featuring Richard doing what the fans love to see him do... draw those beautiful females. But these ones come with a twist, as they will all feature some to give them a "touch of evil." Sounds intriguing, no? Well, make sure to look for the cover image shown here, when you hit your LCS this week.

That was the good news, now here's the bad: On top of the scanner situation, which is no closer to being resolved since last your heard from me, my printer has also now died on me. When it rains, it pours. So sales, which were already extremely important, have become even moreso. This is a full blown, five-alarm call to arms! Now, I'm not one to beg, but I do implore all of you to help out in any way you can. Buying some art from our art gallery is the best way, but just spreading the word to others and directing them to the gallery would be almost as good. We really need some sales rolling in now, or it could be quite some time before you see any new art for sale. And I do have new art to scan and post, but that won't happen, until these very important computer components are replaced. So, please, do everything you can to help resolve this, because without your help, the Sequential Treasures train will be grinding to a halt. And I'm sure that no one wants that to happen, least of all myself.

Well, that's it for now. I hope to be back soon with some positive news on the scanner and printer fronts, as well as some news for our plans for Free Comic Book Day. Until next time, peace out!