A "super" update of art for sale from Matt Haley!

Hey everyone! Well, as the month of May comes quickly to a close, that means that summer is just around the corner. That leaves little time left for "spring cleaning," but we are squeezing in a small art update from Matt Haley's recent jaunt in doing so.

This time out we have some published pin up pieces, which were used in an Entertainment Weekly story, back sometime in 1997. These are all based on some of the "movers and shakers" in Hollywood. See if you can figure out who they are.

On top of that, we have over a dozen pieces relating to the DC Comics Superman Returns: Official Movie Adaption comic. Most of the pages are published one (although a couple are not) and we even have a couple of character model sheets based on the Clark Kent and Lex Luthor characters in the film (the former of which you can see right here). All of it is priced to move fast! So, if you see something you like, be sure not to waste time and get your order in ASAP! Just head on over to our art gallery and place your order.

That's all for now. I'm sure I'll be back soon with more news and other tidbits for you to see. Until then, peace out!


The Spokane ComiCon aftermath report!

Hey everyone! Well, I'm back from the Spokane ComiCon this past Saturday. I don't know if any of you were there, but if so I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

The attendance for this year's show was the best on record in the event's four year history. There were plenty of great comics around, both from dealers and creators who happened to be on hand. Our own Randy Kintz and Ben Hansen were there, slinging prints and sketches (I even picked one of the latter up from Randy myself).

Lots of people came dressed up in costumes for the contest they were holding. I don't think I'd see that many people made up since Halloween. I managed to get a couple of snapshots of some of my favorites, along with a couple other con pics, which you can see posted at our Facebook forum.

I handed out some business cards and had some nice chats with folks about comics, art, and just stuff in general. If there was any downer, it was, as always seems the case, a lack of sales. In fact, not one thing sold at my table. Don't let that photo of me above fool you, because while lots of people looked at stuff, no one ever went for their wallets. I'm really at a loss for what else I can do. People don't even want to haggle over the prices. I can't do much, if folks don't even want to talk.

Overall, I'd say I had a good time, although most of that was due to my after show activities, which includes, but isn't limited to, being mistaken for being a member of the band The Bare Naked Ladies (you'll have to talk to me in person, if you want the details on that one).

I don't know if I'll be going to the show next year, given how I've crapped out at making sales for the last two years running. In fact, I'm not sure if I'll do any more shows at all, given the apathetic response I've gotten from the OA fanbase and larger comic community as a whole. Doing shows are not free or cheap for any of us who work them, so when you folks don't spend, you take away a lot of reason for us to go. Just something you all might want to think on.

Well, that's all for now. I hope to have some new art updates for you soon. Until then, peace out!


See Sequential Treasures in Spokane this Saturday!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay in posting up more info here, but your humble blogmaster has been dealing with a couple of real personal headaches. First is jury "doodie," which is thankfully done now. Unfortunately, that is due to headache #2, which was having my home broken into and robbed (no worries, no one was injured, as they broke in while no one was home). So, things have been... hectic... the last few days.

Anyway, this Saturday is the Spokane Comicon and Sequential Treasures will be there in force! Not only will I be there, with all the original art we have available in tow, but so will our own Randy Kintz and Ben Hansen! In fact, of the two, Ben also have a new exclusive print he's done for the show, featuring Black Widow vs. Hit Girl, as the ladies from the two biggest superhero films of the year (so far) are poised to throwdown (you can see the full colored piece right here). Inks on this are provided by Levi Skeen (who will also be at the show). But don't wait to long to get one, as the supply is limited to a mere 25 copies of this awesome print! Both of them will also be doing sketches, for a modest fee, as well.

I hope to see some of you there, so make sure to come on down to the show, if you are in the area! I, as well as Randy and Ben, will be glad to meet and greet with you (as well as relieve you of some of the burden of a heavy wallet (heh-heh).

That's all for now, I'll be back soon with a con report and hopefully some new art from our artistic trove of talent. Until then, peace out!


See Randy Kintz at the Motor City Comic Con!

Hey everyone! Sorry to have been lax in getting you more info and news, but not only have things slowed down a bit, but your blogmaster has been bogged down with jury duty (or, as I call it, jury "doodie").

Anyway, If you are going to be in the Novi, MI area the over the next few days, make a point to head over to the Motor City Comic Con! They are not only having a tone of great guests, but Sequential Treasures own Randy "Rantz" Kintz is one of them (surely they are blessed). He'll be found in artist alley, at table 1047 (directly across from Mouse Guard's David Peterson), all three days of the show, so make sure to stop on by and say hello. He'll be doing sketches and have lot of his prints available to buy. He'll even have copies for his Red 5 Comics hits series, DRONE! I don't think you need any more reasons to stop by, do you?

Of course, if you can't make the show, you can always get some original Randy Kintz art from our art gallery (as well as art from our other artists, too). Sales have really slumped off the last couple of months, so there is a lot of great stuff up right now, which is still available to buy. With almost 300 pieces of art for sale from our artists, you certainly have no shortage of stuff to choose from. So, get off those wallets and make a purchase. After all, you can't take your money with you, but great art is something everyone can get enjoyment from!

That's all for now. I hope to have more info on things for you soon, just as soon as I finish out my "jury doodie." Until then, peace out!


FCBD aftermath and new Randy Kintz art for sale!

Hey there, my art loving readers! Well, another Free Comic Book Day is in the books. I hope you all had a good one, wherever you were. As for us at Sequential Treasures, we had a blast at our little event in Ellensburg!

Things were quite busy for the first couple hour and last couple hours at Central City Comics. Lots of hustle and bustle. Plenty of free comics were given away and the print of our Iron Man vs. War Machine jam piece by Jason Metcalf and Randy Kintz was a winner. Talked with some really nice folks about comics and comic art, too. The best was this seven year-old boy, who seemed to be an artist in his own right. He shown both Jason and Randy his own art portfolio of work (and for only being 7, I was impressed with what he could do). Randy even hooked him up with a free color head sketch of Batman, which was a winner with him. Both Randy and Jason did pretty well selling their own prints, too, but the demand for sketches was pretty light.

Didn't really make much in the way of art sales here, but I didn't really expect to. It was more about handing out my business cards to folks and getting more people to check out the art of Sequential Treasures talents. The canned food drive to the "Friends In the Service of Humanity" raffle was a major success, as more food was donated than could fit into the barrel for holding it. I even gave a few cans of food myself and was a lucky winner of a Showcase Presents: Strange Adventures Vol. 1 TPB, which is pretty cool. all totalled, over 200 people came to the event (which in a small town like Ellensburg is really good numbers). So, thanks to everyone who came out to help the food drive and make the day a success for all parties involved. I'm looking forward to next year's event already! I got some pictures from the event and will be posting them on our Facebook forum in the next few days, so be sure to keep a watch there for that.

Of course, as a result of slow art sales, there is a benefit to all of you. Randy Kintz had done up a few pieces in anticipation of the event, but none of them sold. So, that now gives all of you the chance to grab them up. Just added to the art gallery are pin up pieces featuring the Spirit, Superman, Spider-Woman and the Black Widow (shown here). All of these are fairly low priced, so I expect them not to last every long. If you didn't get any sketches at your own local FCBD event, or if you didn't get out to one at all, here's your chance to get yourself something connected to it. Just head over to our gallery and choose your piece!

Lastly, in some not so good news, artist Ben Hansen had injured his back a week or so ago. He got an MRI done and it's pretty bad. This is on top of his having recently recovered from some back surgery for a similar problem. It caused him to miss out on doing his FCBD event in Bellingham, as well. So, to help him try to cover the costs this injury is causing him, as well as raise his spirits a bit, I'll be taking 20% off of any piece I have of Ben's in stock right now for the rest of the month. Think of it as an unofficial sale of sorts. Ben is a great guy and a very talented artist, so any help that can be sent his way will be greatly appreciated.

That's all for now, gang. I hope to be back soon with more new art, more news of upcoming events and lots of other good stuff. Until then, peace out!


A happy and safe Free Comic Book Day to all!

Hey, my faithful followers of all things comic art! Everyone here at Sequential Treasures hopes that all of you out there have a very fun, safe and enjoyable Free Comic Book Day today! No matter where you are, we all hope it is a good one for you.

And don't forget that you can see Randy Kintz (and Jason Metcalf) and myself at Central City Comics in Ellensburg, WA from 12 pm to 6 pm (PST). Just check the previous post for all the details. We look forward to seeing those who will come and join in with us for the festivities of the day! I'll try to have a report and a photo or two for you in the next couple of days. Hope to see you there. Peace out!