Sequential Treasures "Summer Madness" Sale!

Hello again, my art loving friends! Well, it's summertime once again and you all know what that means: Backyard BBQs, lazy summer days, a dip in the pool, some fireworks and Sequential Treasures annual summertime sales event!

This year, we are going bigger with it than before, in keeping with how big a year this has been for us thus far. So, to show you all some appreciation, here's how the special summer sale will be working this year:

All Richard Moore art is 30% off the listed price!

All Ben Hansen art is 40% off the listed price!

All Randy Kintz art is 40% off the listed price!

All Matt Haley art is 40% off the listed price!

That's right, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. To kick off our summer extravaganza this year, we are offering the biggest discounts of the year on everything we currently have in stock from these artists! That's well over 200 pieces of original comic art up for grabs at rock bottom prices. From covers, to pin ups, to pages of all kinds, it's all on sale! If you've been saving your pennies for something from our great stable of talents, or if you've simply been waiting for a sale of this magnitude to get your attention, then the time to jump is now! So, make sure to head on over to our art gallery and place your order fast, before all the best stuff is G-O-N-E! This could be your one chance to get that piece you've been eyeing at the best price possible. You know we don't hold sales very often and rarely at this level of discount, so don't miss out on your chance.

As for when all this starts, the sale will begin at 12:01 am (PST) on July 1st and run through until 11:59 pm (PST) on July 21st. So, you haven't got much time to cash-in on this incredible bargain. It's first come, first served! Don't let the raining of saving pass you by.

That's it for now, but I'll be back with more news for you soon, including some art updates that will soon be in the offing. So, you don't want to miss that. Until then, peace out!


Artist Bio: Jason Craig

Hello, my art loving throngs! Well, I've been a bit cryptic and vague about some of the big happenings going on at the Sequential Treasures HQ, teasing you and drawing it out to maximum effect. Well, the time has come to break some of these things to you. So, with much ado, let me inform you all that Sequential Treasures has now become the exclusive art rep for rising comic superstar, artist Jason Craig!

If his name sounds somewhat familiar to you, it will all become very clear, once you read his bio below:

"After attending a comic book convention in 1991 in Chicago, Jason realized his passion was comics. After a hit and miss career over the next 10 years, he finally started working full time in advertising. All of that came to a sudden halt in the winter of 2002.

After an almost fatal crash, a coma, and a hard year of physical rehab, Jason returned to Chicago and landed Grimm Fairy Tales issue #11 for Zenescope. From there began working on the first issue of The Chronicles of Dr. Herbert West (the cover of which is shown here), a series based on the Re-Animator series of horror films, only to be stopped to work on Se7en issue 5 with writer Dave Wohl. Shortly after returning back to the Re-Animator book, he was offered a 6 issue Mini Series of Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash and worked close with the talented writing team of James Kuhoric and Jeff Katz.

Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash was nominated for many awards, one of which was a SPIKE TV Scream Award, and from that success Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash:
Nightmare Warriors
concluded the series successfully. Currently he has worked on a story for WOLVERINE #900 for Marvel Comics, various film projects and currently is working on bringing his self published book to life, and the rest is history in the making…"

So, already Jason has become something of a minor star, not only in the world of comics, but also in the world of horror! You can expect big things coming down the pike from Jason and we'll be here to give you all the details. We also hope to have some of Jason's originals up for sale in the near future, as well.

That's all for now, but not all there is. While I've given you a part of the big plans going on behind-the-scenes here, this is by no means the end. I have even more coming down the line and very soon. So, keep your seat belts strapped in, as we rocket forward into the future, with even more big news to come. Until then, peace out!


Hitting The Web: Randy Kintz at DarkBrain.com

Hey there, my artistic minded fiends! Time to give you the lowdown on some newly published work by one of Sequential Treasures own bevy of talented talents. Unlike the usual, though, this isn't something you can pick up at the local comic shop. No, this time it a new webcomic by our own Randy "Rantz" Kintz.

If you go over to the Dark Brain Comics website, you'll find this fun little piece call "Less Is More" which feature the art of Randy Kintz. But this isn't just a typical webcomic, as there are voice actors speaking the dialogue and much more. I do want to warn you, though, that some of the material found on the site is not meant for kids. So, be advised if you venture there.

That's all for now. I'm still working on those big behind-the-scenes events that are coming soon. I hope to have news on some of them next time. Until then, peace out!


Randy Kintz CryptiCon exclusive!

And now, as I promised yesterday, here is the exclusive print that our own Randy "Rantz" Kintz will be offering up at the CryptiCon, this weekend in Seattle!

I have to say upfront, that I was very impressed with this one. Randy is well-known for drawing the sexy ladies, but this is most certainly outside his usual comfort zone. He had a very nice edge to these horror styling and I think it is his best work of 2010 so far! It's really cool to see an artist of Randy's skill and caliber stretching themselves artistically. It is definitely a treat for all of you who go to the show and stop by his table. As with exclusive shown yesterday, this one is also a limited print run, so make sure to get your copy before they are gone.

Okay, that does it for now. For those of you going to the show, I hope you have a good time (and perhaps I'll see you there). I'll be back soon with more news for you all, because I'm working on some big things which will be coming up in the next few weeks. I can't say much now, but I can say I think you will all be pleased with the results of my labors. Until then, peace out!


Ben Hansen CryptiCon exclusive!

Hey all! Okay, as promised, I'm back with one of the exclusive pieces you'll be seeing from Sequential Treasures talent at the CryptiCon, this weekend in Seattle.

This one is Ben Hansen's piece. Zombies are always in fashion, no matter what else is out. Ben's always had a great horror vibe to his work and that really shines through in this piece. And not only is this a limited print run piece, which he will be selling at his table, but it also being used as the program cover for the event. How sweet is that? Ben is slowly moving up the ladder and into on e of the best new talents out there. So, if you go to the show, make sure to pick up this print from him, before they are gone.

That's all for now. Tomorrow, I'll have Randy Kintz's exclusive print for the show. You certainly don't want to miss out on that. Believe me, I know. Until then, peace out!


"Scare" up a good time in Seattle this weekend!

Hey there, my faithful ones! Time once again to give you some info on an upcoming event, involving some of the talent in Sequential Treasures stables.

This weekend, in Seattle, is the pacific northwest's biggest horror convention known as CryptiCon! If you are a fan of horror film and the like, then you will find lots to enjoy there. But for those of you wondering why I bring this up, both Ben Hansen and Randy Kintz will be in attendance there. Each of them, also, has an exclusive new print they will be selling, which was specifically made just for this show. I hope to have some images of them for you, which I'll post up within the next couple of days. I, myself, might be there of Saturday, but only as a guest. So, if you are going to be in the area this weekend, I hope you'll stop by and give your regards to us.

That's all for now. But I'm working behind-the-scenes on some things... some BIG things... which will be very exciting for all of you. I know this, because I'm already excited by the prospect of them myself (Oooo, being "cryptic" in a post about CryptiCon, heh!), so keep watching here for the details as they unfold. Until then, peace out!


Hitting The Shelves: Chip #2

Hey, everyone! Well, it's been pretty quiet around here of late. Not just with news, but with sales, too. But today, I can certainly change the situation of the former. This Wednesday, at all finer comic shops, you'll be able to pick up Richard Moore's latest offering, Chip #2 from Antarctic Press.

For those not in the know, this mini-series tells the tale of a small stone gargoyle and his desire to be the most scary gargoyle around, even though he's only four inches tall. Very much a story of self-determination and striving for the brass ring. It's all-ages fare, so kids to adults will surely find something to enjoy here, in the concluding issues of the mini-series. In fact, the book has gotten some very good press, like in this review from Troy Mayes at the Seattle Post Intelligencer: "Chip is a hilarious and really fun comic. I was pleasantly surprised when I read it, and I think a lot of other people will be, too. It's just so hard not to fall for the characters and laugh at the brilliant dialogue."

Make sure to look for the cover shown here, when you head out to your LCS tomorrow. And don't forget that we have lots of original art of Richard's up for sale at our art gallery. There's surely something for everyone to be found.

That's all for now, folks. Hope to have more stuff for you very soon. Until then, peace out!