Matt Haley at Norwescon this weekend!

And the Sequential Treasures train just keeps chugging along, with more news an info to bring all of you comic art lovers out there.

Today I get to inform you that Sequential Treasures resident superstar, Matt Haley, will be at Norwescon 33 this weekend. This is the Pacific Northwest's premiere sci-fi and fantasy convention. It is being held at the DoubleTree Hotel Seattle Airport, in SeaTac, WA. Matt will be there doing sketches and the like from 2pm to 6 pm on Saturday and 10 am to 2 pm on Sunday. If you are in the neighborhood, make sure to stop by and check in with him. To get the full guest list and other info on the show, just head over to their website.

And also, don't forget all the new art for sale from Matt, that we just put up at our art gallery. Plus, he still has a couple of commission slots still open right now, but that can change very quickly, so if you'd like one from him, get your order in now. You can see his rates right here. So, even if you can't make the show, you can still get some Matt Haley artistic goodness for yourself.

Well, that's it for now. It sure has been busy around these parts the last couple of weeks, but that's how we like it. I'll be back soon, with a report on the Comic Evolution event I'll be at on Saturday, as well as new art updates (I hope). Until next time, peace out!


Hitting The Shelves: Drone #4

And we're back again, my faithful ones, with more news and info on the artistic talents to be found at Sequential Treasures.

Today, it's all about Randy "Rantz" Kintz! In all finer comic shops tomorrow, is Drone #4 from Red5 Comics. This is the concluding chapter to the mini-series, about a group of young hackers, who find themselves caught up in a web of warfare and danger, when they take control of a government fighting machine known as a "drone." The mini-series, as well as randy, has been getting some very nice reviews, including this one, from SciFi Pulse.Net:

Just be looking for the cover image shown here at your local comic dealer. Don't miss out on the final chapter of this well-received series.

And if your local shop happens to be the Comic Evolution in Puyallup, WA, then please make sure to stop in there on April 3rd, as Randy Kintz, along with fellow artists Clayton Crain and Jason Metcalf, will be on had for an in-store signing session. The event runs from 4 pm to 7pm (PST). Randy will be doing sketches and the like. And even your humble blogmaster will be there, with plenty of original comic art by Randy Kintz (including plenty of his work on Drone). If you have the chance, stop in and join us. A good time is sure to be had by all.

That's all for now, I'll be back with more news for you shortly. Until then, peace out!


Hitting The Shelves: Battle Amongst The Stars

Hey there, everyone! Well, it's that time again, to let you know about some new comic product that will be found at your local comic shop this week, which features the peerless talents of Sequential Treasures artistic stables.

Coming out this Wednesday, is Roger Corman Presents: Battle Amongst The Stars from Bluewater Comics. This mini-series, which is a prequel tale from Corman's classic sci-fi film "Battle Beyond The Stars," features the pulse-pounding artistry of our own Ben "1314" Hansen. This marks Ben's first comic release in 2010, but hopefully it will translate to more. I also know that Bluewater has gotten a bad rep in the press recently, for non-payment of their talent. But I would still urge you to pick up this book, as not doing so will hardly result in the creators seeing any money. Just look for the cover art shown here, when you pick up your weekly stash.

Also, to help celebrate the book's release, Ben will be doing a signing session at The Docking Bay 93 in Bellingham, WA, from noon to 5 pm (PST) on Wednesday. If you will be in the area at that time, make sure to stop in and get your copy autographed. You might even be lucky enough to get a sketch from old "1314" himself. A good time is sure to be had by all.

That's it for now, but I have more news and info coming all this week. So, stay tuned to this blog for further updates as they happen. Until next time, peace out!


New art from Matt Haley now for sale!

Hey there, my art loving compatriots. It's been a busy time for us here at Sequential Treasures for the past month or so, with things not looking to slow up any time soon. Today, I've got a great new update of art fro sale from our own Matt Haley. Seems Matt unearthed this stuff from doing a bit of "spring cleaning." So, let us get on with the show, right?

There's a lot of great stuff here, including some card art prelims from the old DC Overpower card game and some page to a previously unpublished Legion of Super-Heroes story. On the published side, we have several pages from a few one-shot specials Matt's worked on over the years, including Power Company: Witchfire, Heroes Reborn: Rebel and Tangent Comics: Joker. Lastly, we have a couple pages from the Marvel mini-seres titled The Order (one of which is shown here). All of it is priced to move, so head on over to our art gallery and get in on the bargains, before they are all gone!

Finally, just wanted to mention that today is also artist Ben Hansen's birthday. So, if you have a minute, please head over to our Facebook Forum group (listed in our link sidebar) and post a birthday wish to him on the thread there. I'm sure he'll greatly appreciate it.

That's all for now. But don't fret, as I'll be back very soon, with more info on some upcoming appearances by our artists and myself. Things are just rolling on around here, so sit back and enjoy the ride. Until next time, peace out!


New art for sale from Richard Moore!

Hello, Sequential Treasures fiends! I'm back again with another round of art for sale, so I know you all have to be very excited about that.

Well, we just got in a new batch of art from Sequential Treasures resident star, Richard Moore. This time out we have the complete 8-page story of Tin God, from Richard adult TPB Horny Tails, as well as a published one page strip of his creation Deja Vu (shown here). On top of that, you get even more Deja Vu goodness, by way of a previously unpublished 6-page origin story. This was something Richard used to shop the creation around for publication and it is among some of his earliest artwork. So, a very rare treat, to be sure. So, stop by our gallery and give it all a gander. Then, place those order!

Of course, not all my news is good, I'm afraid. I just learned today that artist Pat Carlucci has finally lost his battle with lymphoma. If you remember, last week, some of Pat's artist friends put on some eBay auctions to help pay for the cost of his medical treatment. Well, overnight last night, Pat slipped away. I'm told he went peacefully and surround by his loved one. Pat was a real incredible talent and had many friends among the artistic community, including Sequential Treasures own Randy Kintz. So, if you can, please spare a moment and send your condolences to Pat's family and friends. Thank you.

That's all for now, but I'll be back with more news and info before you know it. Until then, peace out!


Hitting The Shelves: Strange Aeons Magazine #1

Hey there, my faithful ones. Time to hit you with some more news and developments here at Sequential Treasures HQ. Today, we have a new comic related item, which features artwork by our own Ben Hansen.

Fresh off the presses is a new horror anthology magazine called Strange Aeons. It's 56 pages of gorgeous B&W (and color!) comics, book reviews, short story fiction, and more. If you have ever been a fan of mags like Heavy Metal, Eerie, Creepy and the like, then this is something that is right up your alley. As for the Ben Hansen connection, he provides the cover art (shown here), as well as the art for a lobby card insert. Ben had some preview copies available at the Emerald City ComiCon, but now you can buy it outright. It may be found in select comic shops (and if they don't have it, be sure to pester them to get it), but your best bet to get it, is by ordering it straight from Strange Aeons website.

And if you like what you see her, make sure to stop by our art gallery and check out the recent original art additions from Ben and some of our other stalwart talent. Get some now, before he becomes a superstar and the prices for his art skyrocket!

Thanks all for now. I hope to be back soon with more info on another update of original art. Until then, peace out!


A Web of Excitement: The Emerald City ComiCon Report

Okay, everyone, after much ballyhoo and promises, here's the post-ECCC report I know you've been waiting for.

This show has grown very much over the last several years since it began. One of the things I've noticed is the large increase of traffic at the show. Over the course of the two days this year, an attendance record was broken, with almost 15,000 people coming to the show this year. That might sound impressive, but when you factor in that a couple of pop cultures "royalty" were among the guests, it isn't quite as surprising. I also liked have several of our artists at the show. Randy Kintz, Ben Hansen and Matt Haley were all there. We all would have liked more time to hang out, but the constant flow of humanity made that all but impossible.

Speaking of creators, one of the high points of the show for me, was finally getting to meet Stan "the Man" Lee. If ever their was a creator who could be called a "living legend," Stan Lee would have to be it. I got my copy of Ravage 2099 #1 signed by him and even got to shake his hand. On top of that, Stan punk'd me and played a little joke on me, while I got my signature. I hope my mind and wit are as fast as his, when I'm nearing 90 years of age. I'd have liked to have gotten a photo with him, but with an autograph cost $40.00 and the photo just as much, I simply didn't have the funds. Still, I met him and that's all that really matters to me.

Talked to some other fine creators, too. Including Tone Rodriguez, who could hardly keep awake while doing a sketch for me. Then, I spent a few minutes talking with Aaron Lopresti. I've seen Aaron at several shows in my region, so he knows me. In fact, he's married to a women my wife went to high school with. Small world, it seems. The best original piece I pick up was a sketch of Iron Man by Tim Sale, at a post show event by the Hero Initiative. I was amazed at just how much detail he put into his style, to make it look so simplistic. Just incredible.

Plenty of folks were dressed up in costumes, as well. I saw a couple Catwoman ones, a nice Supergirl, a Joker and probably the best Poison Ivy costume I'd ever seen. However, I ended up snapping this pic of a kid dressed as that wall-crawling icon, Spider-Man, which you can see above.

If there was any downside to the show, it would have to be, and I know this sounds like a broken record, a lack of sales. To call them "slow," would to call the Grand Canyon a "pothole." In fact, this point greatly bothered me on Saturday. So much so, I almost considered packing up and going home. Others, fortunately, dissuaded me of that. And funniest of all, was the words of advice I got from artist Joe Dodd, who had the table next to mine. He said that Seattle isn't a big original art town and that other ones, like in Florida and New York, are more known for attracting the art buying crowds. Well, I wish I'd have known that sooner, but it's a live and learn world, I suppose.

Naturally, the post-show hanging out is always the best part of any convention. I've sort of established myself a small crew, whom I always hang out with when the day of a show is done. Taking in some of the nightlife of the city and some of the... eccentric personalities one will see around town, always makes for some fun times. This show was no different. And it had the added benefit of us brew up some ideas for the future of Sequential Treasures. You'll just have to stay tuned as see how these develop over the year.

So, overall a good experience was had and some good times, too. Next up, is a Free Comic Book Day event in Ellensburg and then the Spokane Comicon, both in May. I hope some of you will be at these events. I'd love to meet you in person.

That's all for now. I'll be back soon, with more news on our artists projects and more art updates. Until then, peace out!


New art from Randy Kintz and Ben Hansen now for sale!

Hello again, everybody! I'm still playing catch-up post ECCC (and I still need to finish the report on it, but it is coming soon, I promise you). On the agenda today, we have a nice little update of art from Sequential Treasures two biggest up-and-comers: Randy Kintz and Ben Hansen!

From Ben, we have several more pin up pieces, including a Magdalena/Witchblade/Darkness shot, an awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles group shot and a couple of other nice treats. On top of that, we have the cover art to the Vermicide One-Shot (shown here), which is due to hit comic shops in April. So, some very cool stuff, indeed.

Then we have Randy Kintz, who hits us with a couple of nice pin ups, including the sexy librarian that was an ECCC exclusive print design and some gorgeous Space Amazons. If you've seen Randy's take on the female form, you know these don't disappoint. As if that weren't enough for you, we have the remaining covers to his hit mini-series DRONE (issue #2 through 4) and the Graham Cracker exclusive variant edition cover to Wrath of the Titans #1 from Bluewater Comics.

So, there's lots to see here. Stop by our art gallery and check them out (then, place your order, because you know you want to). Between this and the Matt Haley art update, there's plenty of new stuff just waiting for a new home.

That's all for now, kiddies. I do promise that the post-ECCC report will be next. Also, I'm expecting a new shipment of art from Richard Moore any day now (that is, if our new scheduling system in up to the task it was made for). So, you have even more good stuff coming your way in the near future. Until then, peace out!


New Matt Haley art available to purchase!

Hey there, again, my art loving fans! As I attempt to try to get caught up on things, I've just added a nice little update of original art to our gallery from Sequential Treasures newest resident, Matt Haley!

All of it is previously unpublished works. We have some unpublished covers featuring Green Lantern (shown here) and the Pantheon, a very sexy unpublished Vampirella page, and several choice unpublished pin ups, with a few in color, featuring Ghost, Spider-Woman, the X-Men and more. As if all that wasn't enough, I even have the design art for the Batgirl vs. Catwoman statue (which was posted here before the ECCC show) that comes with one of the limited edition statues it is based from. So, something for every taste possible, I would say. Please, stop by our art gallery and give them a looksee. But place those orders with haste, as I suspect much of this stuff will not be we us for long.

That's all for now. I will try to have our post-con report for you tomorrow. Until then, peace out!

Hitting The Shelves: Chip #1

Hey there, hi there, folks! You know, while there is a lot of great benefits to doing comic shows, the one MAJOR drawback is that you have to play catch-up for several days after it. Seems that's the case for me, as not only do I have the con report I promised and new art to scan and list, but it looks like a new comic series also came out this week from one of Sequential Treasures bevy of talented minds.

This time out, it's Richard Moore's latest effort, Chip #1 (of 2) from Antarctic Press. This mini-series follows the adventures of a very small and cute gargoyle, who wants to be just as good at being scary as his larger brethren. So, with the help of some new friends, he's off to make his dream a reality.

As any of you who've read the work of Richard Moore already know, he has the gift of taking something so imaginatively unreal, like this concept, and injecting plenty of humor and humanity into it. Chip looks to be no different. So if you are a fan of his work, or you simply love great all-ages works, make sure to pick up a copy at your local comic shop (the cover of which is shown here).

That will be all for now. I hope to have the post-con report for you all within the next couple of days, as well as an update of art from Matt Haley. Also, I expect some new stuff from Richard shortly, if our new scheduling system actually works like we planned. So, more good things are on the way here shortly. And I'll be here to tell you all about it. Until then, peace out!


Please help an artist in need!

Hey everyone! I know I promised you a report on the Emerald City ComiCon and it is coming. But before I do that, there's something else you need to know about which is of much greater importance.

Artist Pat Carlucci, whom some of you may know either by name or artistic reputation, is very sick right now. He's battling the disease of lymphoma and things don't seem too good right now. Some of Sequential Treasures artists are good friends with Pat and are doing what they can to raise money for the medical costs of his valiant struggle to beat the illness.

So, please, check out the eBay auctions that are currently up from 5Finity Productions. They feature original pin-ups and sketch cards by not only Pat, but from several other artists, including our own Ben Hansen and Randy Kintz (one of Randy's donations is shown here). We at Sequential Treasures would as you to please help, by bidding on these items. If you've ever had a good friend or loved one who has been stuck by a disease like this, you know how Pat's friends and family feel at this moment. Do whatever you can to help make the outcome of his battle one we all can celebrate.

We at Sequential Treasures thank you for your support and compassion in this matter.


James Meeley

Sequential Treasures Administrator


The Emerald City countdown wides to a close!

Hey everyone! Well, the Emerald City ComiCon is now just over a day away. And since I will be going to Seattle to set up tomorrow, today is the last post you'll be seeing from me until after the show. So, here's one last rundown on where to find Sequential Treasures and our artists, who are at the show:

Sequential Treasures and Randy Kintz: table A-04 in artist alley

Ben Hansen and the Sketch Crew: tables A-18 thru 20 in artist alley

Matt Haley: table J-13 in artist alley

We are all looking forward to seeing many of your there, so be sure to stop by and say hello.

Finally, just for fun, I'm also posting the image to the Batgirl vs. Catwoman statue design art by Matt Haley, which he will have for sale, along with an autographed and numbered copy of the finished statue, at his table. I hope you all enjoy.

That's all for now. I'll be sure to do a report post on the show, after I get back. Plus, I'm sure I'll have more art to update by then, too. So, more good things are coming your way. Until then, peace out and I'll see you at the show!


The countdown to Emerald City marches on....

Hello again, my art loving aficionados! Once more, I return with tidings of some of the exclusive swag to be found from the artistically talented minds of Sequential Treasures at the Emerald City ComiCon. This time around, we put the focus on Randy "Rantz" Kintz!

As most of you know, I've probably worked harder to promote Randy's art, than any other currently in our stables. And he still continues to grow his artistic prowess. This is shown in his new Emerald City exclusive print of "The Sexy Librarian." This great new piece (which the original art of is shown here) is one Randy, not only created especially for this show, but based from an actual live model. Even more, she will also be accompanying Randy to the show. So, make sure to stop by Sequential Treasures own table (Table A-04, for those who don't already know), as you'll not only get to meet Randy and your humble blogmaster, but the beautiful babe of Randy's awesome exclusive print (which is limited to only 50 copies). Randy will also be doing sketches, as well (to see his price rates, just head over here).

That's all for now. I'll try to get off one more post before showtime. Until then, peace out!


The Emerald City ComiCon countdown continues....

Hello, everyone. Well, we are now less than a week away from the Emerald City ComiCon. Can you feel the excitement in the air? It's almost electric!

As we continue the countdown to showtime, it's time to give you another glimpse into the exclusive items you'll find from the artistic talent of Sequential Treasures. This time out, we have our newest creative resident: Matt Haley!

Anyone who's read comics within the last 15 years will already be familiar with Matt's work. And you'll know he has a certain affinity for the ladies of the comics world. That's why he's going to have a Batgirl vs. Catwoman statue, from DC Direct, available to purchase for him. The piece is numbered and will be autographed by Matt. As an added bonus, you'll also get the conception art on which the sculpt was based. An awesome deal, no?

However, he can also do right by the guys, as well, which is why he's going to have an exclusive print (shown here) of "the master" himself, Bruce Lee! What's more, this print in numbered to only 40 copies. So, make sure you quickly stop by Matt's table (which is J-13 on the show floor map) to get one, because with such a low printing run they are sure not to last long.

That's all for now, gang. Stay tuned as I'll bring you even more show exclusives from our roster of artistic talent later in the week, as our countdown to the Emerald City ComiCon rolls on. Until then, peace out!


The Countdown to Emerald City begins....

Hello again, my faithful ones. Your not-so-humble blogmaster is back to give you more info and tidbits on the happenings at Sequential Treasures!

Well, the 2010 convention season is about to start full swing and we here have been gearing up for our first show of the year. Next week is the Emerald City ComiCon in Seattle, which is the largest show in the Pacific Northwest (as well as one of the most highly-respected shows anywhere). Sequential Treasures will be there in full force, along with a few of our talented artists. Not only that, but they will each be packing convention exclusive items with them.

One of the artists in attendance, who is also one of our newest additions, will be Ben Hansen. Ben isn't as well-known as some of our other talent, but what he lacks in notoriety, he more than makes up for with passion and artistic enthusiasm. He has a special con exclusive print (shown here), which is based from the cover to issue three of Battle Amongst The Stars, that he is doing for Bluewater Comics. Pretty spiffy, huh? If you will be at the show, make sure to stop by his tables (which are A-18 through 20, as he is sitting with the group known affectionately as The Sketch Crew) and pick one up for yourself.

That's all for now, but there will be more very soon. for the next week, I'll be putting up updates which will showcase the con exclusives from our artists at the show, as we countdown the Emerald City showtime. So, make sure to keep checking back here for all the news. We're going to make this show the most exciting one yet! Peace out!