Hitting The Shelves: Drone #2

Hey there, my loyal art lovers. While Sequential Treasures is still on "holiday break" as far as art sales go, the world itself is still spinning. As a result, there is one last bit of news for me to hit you with before 2009 becomes a memory.

In all finer comic shops this week, you will find the release of Drone #2 from Red 5 Comics, featuring the artistic power of our own Randy "Rantz" Kintz. The story conitues as our friendly hackers, now in cotrol of one of the battle drones, find themselves in the difficult position of trying to save the life of one of the army techs from a band of well armed terrorists, as well as figure out how they will keep themselves out of hot water for having hacked into the drone control programs.

This mini-series has been getting some good buzz online, with several positive reviews for the first issue. Here's a sampling:

So, make sure to head out to your local comic shop and grab your copy of the second issue to this well-received book. Just look for the cover shown here. Don't miss out on what might be one of the best mini-series of 2010. That's all for now, as well as for this year. Until next year, peace out! I'll see you all in 2010!


Wishing you the best for the Holidays!

Hello again, everyone! As we go racing towards the end of 2009, we all tend to reflect on what the year has brought us and where we'd like to begin the new year. Of course, with Christmas only a week away, many of us are turning our thoughts to out loved ones and those closest to us.

It's no different for your blogmaster here at Sequential Treasures, in that regard. It has been quite a year with some great highs and even greater lows. As such, I could really use a bit of a break. So, starting now and run through the first of next year, all sales activity will be suspended, so I might partake in the fun of the holidays and spend so time with my own loved ones. This month has been completely flatlined, as far as sales go (which is a bit surprising and a little disappointing, I might add), so I figured that it would be a good time to take a break and get some time to recharge for the start of next year, which I'm hoping will be even better than this one is. I already have some things going on that I can't yet announce, but rest assured that it will all make the kick off of 2010 a good one.

So, I want to take this moment to thank all of you who've supported us through this year (by way of financial means or any other) and wish all of you a joyous holiday. I also want to thank our artists for their tireless effort and gracing us with their immense talent. I'll see you all next year! Until then, peace and goodwill to all of you!


James Meeley


Keeping the hussle in the Holiday bussle...

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to drop a note here, as those of us at Sequential Treasures are keeping ourselves busy with things, as we get closer to the end of the Holiday season.

First off, Randy Kintz currently has an auction up on eBay. No, he's not selling some of his own stuff, but is part of a sketch card auction from 5finity Production, featuring their 2009 Mandy card set. Here's the details on that:

This auction is for a ONE OF A KIND original sketch card from the 5Finity
Productions 2009 release of MANDY Sketch Card Series based on the Dean Yeagle

MANDY is a cute blonde comic strip character created by
Dean Yeagle as a cartoon pin-up girl. MANDY has appeared in Play Boy
Magazine and is a fan favorite character.

This is part of a rare
limited release by 5Finity Productions. What this is, is part of their
TRADING CARD release of packs that randomly included an original sketch card by
various artists. Customers who purchased packs do not know what the
contents of the pack is, so it's a blind box system like most trading cards
where a random card is inserted and there's no guarantees what you'll find

This here GUARANTEES you that the card you will receive is
the one you see.
No guesswork involved here! What you see is
exactly what you get!

So make sure to get your bid in on his card (and some of the many other artists who contributed, as well), which is pictured above.

Next up, your humble blogmaster has finally taken the plunge and joined up on Facebook. I'll be using it to further extol the virtues and talent of those in Sequential Treasures stables, as well as give a little bit more of my personal slant on things, too. So, make sure to friend me, if you want to keep up even more with the happening here at ST.

Lastly, with how busy we were last month with hitting up various conventions, I totally dropped the ball and missed plugging Richard Moore's re-release of his creation of The Pound. This was originally put out back in 2000, but it has been remastered and colored this time. So, if your shop doesn't have it, bug them until they do. Or, you can just order a copy off the Antarctic Press website.

That's all for now. More to come soon. Until later, peace out!


Drone #1 art from Randy Kintz now available!

Hello again, my fellow followers of sequential art! We're back again, with some more new art for your eyes to behold and your wallets to unload!

This time our, we have the entirety of the art from issue #1 of Randy's Kintz's new Red 5 mini-series, Drone! All 22 interior pages, plus the cover art, is now available for you to obtain for your very own. The book's premiere issue has gotten some very nice and positive reviews in the online comic press. Here's your chance to now get some of the original from it. Just head on over to our art gallery and place your order. And be sure to keep a watch for issue #2 from this series at your local comic shop, which is due out this month, as well.

That's all for this time. Coming soon, I'm expecting to have a new update of art from artist Richard Moore, as well as informing you about an important announcement of a more personal nature. Until then, peace out!


Giving thanks for all of you!

Hello again, my loyal art addicts! Time to drop some more news on the happenings here at Sequential Treasures HQ for you all.

As I'm sure most everyone is aware, Thanksgiving is almost upon us. It is a time where we pause to reflect and show a little gratefulness to the good things in our lives (before we stuff out bellies full of fattening foods, that is). And it's no different for us here. In fact, artist Randy Kintz has decided not to simply reflect on what to be thankful for, but to extend a little something special to those who've helped give him something to be thankful about, namely all of you.

So, at Randy's behest, starting this coming Monday, all of the pages from Jason and the Argonauts that we currently have in stock will be reduced in price to $20.00 a page, or 6 pages for $100.00! In addition, all of his published and unpublished pin ups will be 10% off (with the exceptions of the recently added Batman and Justice League pieces). This is just his way of thanking all of you for your support this year. This special discount will run from Nov. 23rd (starting at 12:01 AM PST) and go through to Nov. 30th (ending at 11:59 PM PST). So, make sure to check through everything and place those orders quick, if you want to take advantage of Randy's special offer of thanks.

That's all for now. I'll be back soon with more news and info for your, regarding new art available and some other tidbits. Until then, we of Sequential Treasures wish you and yours have a very happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving! Peace out!


Going "batty" at the Portland Comic Show!

Hey there, my faithful art lovers! Well, we are back from the excursion to the Portland Comic Book Show. So, here's a little rundown of how things went...

It was a nice time overall, for those of us at Sequential Treasures. Randy Kintz was kept fairly busy, selling prints and doing sketches. A couple of highlights were his doing a sketch of the Vision for a little boy and a Catwoman for a little girl. In fact, there were quite a few kids at this show, which was something I was happy to see, as I ended up giving out 40 free comics to kids at the show yesterday. It's just a small way I try to help them to foster the love of this great artform and entertainment source.

I got to meet some really great folks at the show, too, including Andrew from the Comics Bronze Age blog and an unexpected visit from my friend, and comic artist extraordinaire, Matt Haley. Then, of course, we had some folks dressed up walking around. I snapped this shot of a lady done up as the television version of Batgirl. I have to say, her costume was pretty well done, too. I also had some nice chats with folks about the finer points of original comic art, as well. I even picked up a few sketches for myself, including this little gem from Jason Metcalf and another one from Gene Ha.

If there was any downside to the show, it would have to be, once again, a lack of sales. As with Seattle the week before, it seems folks just didn't want to open their wallets for us. I really hope this trend is broken soon, because going to shows isn't free for us and we can't keep absorbing losses forever. Hopefully, with the Holidays soon upon us, folks will help us to end the year on a bright economical note.

But while the con season is over for Sequential Treasures until next year, you'll still have chances to meet some of our artists. Randy Kintz will be at the Comic Evolution shop in Puyallup, WA this Wednesday, to help promote the recent release of DRONE #1, from Red 5 Comics. So, if you are in the area, make sure to stop in and pick up a copy. Also, while at the Portland Show, Randy gave me a few new pin up pieces he's done recently, which you can see right here. They feature Batman, the JLA and the gals of the X-Men, respectively. I have to say, with all honesty, I think these pieces are some of the best stuff I've seen from Randy this year (and considering some of what he's done, that's saying something). I hope to have the original art for DRONE #1 within the next few weeks, as well as possibly some new stuff from Richard Moore and the very M.I.A. Chris Ivy. So keep a watch out for that. [Update - 11/17/09: Just thought you all should know that the Hero Initiative's latest round of "Wolverine 100 Project" auctions, including the one donated by Chris Ivy, are ending tomorrow. So, if you haven't bid on it yet, be sure to do so soon!]

Guess that will do it, for now. Make sure to keep tabs on us, as there may yet be some last minute surprises for you all, from those of us at Sequential Treasures, before the end of the year. Until then, peace out!


Sequential Treasures in Portland this Sunday!

Hello again, art lovers! It seems to have been a busy week around the past several days, but that is how we like it. Once again, I have more news for you, regarding Sequential Treasures and it's bevy of talented minds.

Last Sunday we were in Seattle, although the show was not all we would have hoped for it to be. This Sunday, we will be at the Portland Comic Book Show and are hoping for a better turnout. Once again, Randy Kintz will be in tow with me, as we meet, greet, and hopefully sell to, many of you original art followers. Randy will even have a couple of new prints for this show, featuring the JLA and Batman respectively. I've seen them both and they totally rock (especially the Batman one). And Randy is just one of the many talented pros who will be there. Check the link above for a full listing of the guests in attendance. We will, naturally have plenty of original art on hand to purchase, along with sketchbooks, prints and a few other goodies. So, if you are going to be in the Portland, OR area this Sunday, please stop by the show and say hello to us.

Oh, and don't forget that Randy's new mini-series from Red 5 Comics, called Drone, hit comic shops this past Wednesday. So, make sure to pick up a copy (or three) and bring it to the show, where Randy will be happy to autograph it for you.

That's all for now. More to come soon. Until then, peace out!


Get a "Slice" of Chris Ivy from the Hero Initiative!

Hey, my faithful followers. I'm back again, with some more news and info about our awesome array of talented artistic types.

If you might recall several months back, I told you about how our own Chris Ivy had landed himself as on of the many talented artists doing the "Wolverine 100 Project" with the Hero Initiative. I even gave you a special advanced screening of the the cover art he did (which is again shown right here). Well, as of last week, the organization has begun to auction off the many cover contributions, from the artists involved and which can be seen right here, on eBay. Today, Chris Ivy's has been put up on the block. You can view the auction right here.

As many of you know, the Hero Initiative is a charitable organization dedicated to helping out creators in need. Given what a rough year 2009 has been for many people, such efforts are more important than ever. So, I just wanted to bring your attention to this and would ask that you do what you can to support this very worthy cause, either by bidding on some of these awesome covers yourself, or spreading the word about them now being up for grabs. With the Holidays fast approaching, it is the season to start thinking about goodwill towards others. So, please, help out as much as you can.

That's all for now. I'll be back with more news and info soon. Until then, peace out!


Hitting The Shelves: Drone #1

Well, after a long break, there is finally some brand new comic action coming to your local shops from one of Sequential Treasures artistic geniuses.

This time out it is Drone #1 from Red 5 Comics, featuring the manga-esque art stylings of Randy "Rantz" Kintz. Full of political intrigue and hi-tech hijinks, this action packed four issue mini-series is sure to have a little something for everyone. Issue #1 will be at all finer comic selling establishments tomorrow. So, make sure to pick up a copy (or 10). And if your retailer isn't carrying it, scream bloody murder at them until they do. Just look for the cover image shown here. And keep your ear peeled, as I hope to soon have the original art from issue #1 available to purchase very soon, as well. But don't forget about all the great art we still have available to buy right now.

That's all for now. I'll be back later this week, with more info and tidings on the happenings here at Sequential Treasures HQ. Until then, peace out!


Sequential Treasures in Seattle this Sunday!

Hello, everyone! It's been pretty quiet on the Sequential Treasures front for a while, hasn't it? Well, that's all changing, because we are back and bringing it to you, once more.

If you are going to be in the Seattle, WA area this Sunday, make sure to stop by the Seattle ComiCard Show at the Seattle Center. Both Randy Kintz and myself will be in attendance. We'll have a huge supply of original art, prints and sketchbooks available for purchasing, plus maybe a little surprise or two thrown in. If you can make the show, please stop by our table and say hello. We'd love to meet some of you who've supported up the past couple of years. You can get all the info on the show, including the other great guests who will be there, at the link provided above.

That's all for now. I'll have more info for you on other happenings soon. Until then, peace out!


Helping the cause of raising awareness!

Those of us at Sequential Treasures have always been ones to help out for a worthy cause and the MarlaBea Breast Cancer Benefit is most certainly one of those.

Started by comic art fan Jason Gavin, after his mother and sister were both diagnosed with the disease within two month of each other, he made an appeal to the comic book creative community to donate original pieces of art to help fight for the cause of a cure. Featuring strong female characters from the world of comics, with the color pink or the breast cancer awareness ribbon used in the image, the goal of this fundraiser is to help raise money for breast cancer research. All proceeds from this eBay auction fundraiser will go to the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics in Iowa City, IA.

Our own Chris Ivy and Randy Kintz (who's donation is shown above), both contributed an original piece of art for this extremely worthy event. So, please show it, what you have failed to show us here at Sequential Treasures... monetary support. The auctions have started today and will run for a week. You may view the items right here. Bid high and bid often, to help this event meet it's goal and help the thousands of women who suffer from this deadly disease each year. Thank you.


New Richard Moore Art For Sale!

A new batch of art from Richard Moore is now available to purchase. Please, place an order. Or don't. Whatever!


All the news that's print to fit!

Hello again, my faithful ones! I'm back to give you some info on some things relating to Sequential Treasures and our incredible artistic talent, as well as something a little more personal concerning your humble blogmaster. Let's start with the talent's stuff...

With the release of the latest edition of the Previews catalog from Diamond Comics Dist., there is a solicit for Randy Kintz's upcoming new mini-series from Red 5 Comics called Drone! I've been dropping hints about this for months, but now you can get the full lowdown on the book. The basic breakdown of the plot is as follows:

"In the near future, the United States transforms warfare by testing lethal remote-controlled robotic drones on the front lines. To the world's other powers, the technology is something to be coveted and stolen. To a group of stateside fun-loving hackers, it is the ultimate video game."

Randy provides both the pencils and inks for this four-issue series, with the story being done by Scott Chitwood. Issue #1 (with the cover shown right here) will be at all finer comic shops this November. So, make sure to get them to order you copy. Heck, get them to order you 10 copies (and then you can give them out for Christmas gifts). Or, you could just buy some of Randy's art that I have in stock. Either one will work.

Now, as to the personal bit regarding yours truly, well, I thought you all might be interested is a little debate I've become involved in over at ICv2.com. It involves the point of content issues with what materials Marvel and DC put into their main comic universes and how some of it is becoming increasingly inappropriate. You should start by reading the original piece here, then move over to the comment that caused me to jump into the fray. It has been quite thought-provoking, I think. Both Bennett and Dudley have made updated comments from the responses they've gotten, while I am carefully thinking on what I want to say. I just thought you all might enjoy a spirited debate between those of us within the industry (even though I'm very much on the fringe of it) and see that some of the issues you folks think about, are also thought about by us. [Update - 8/31/09: My latest response to Mr. Dudley has been put up, so please do check it out.]

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll be back soon with more news and some new art updates. Until then, peace out!


Hitting The Shelves: Boneyard #28

Hey, everybody! It's been a while since I had a new comic work to plug for any of our artists, but that end today.

Out in all finer comic shops today, is the much anticipated (and often delayed) final issue of Boneyard! That's right, comic lovers, Boneyard #28 has come out from NBM Publishing today. We'll at last get to see the outcome of where Paris and the crew end up in their battle with the Faerie World. I know Richard has virtually slaved himself over this issue, trying to make it a fitting conclusion for the fans, so make sure to pick up a copy today.

Sadly, this does mark the end for the series, at least for now, as Richard moves on with other projects. But, hopefully, this will not be the last we see of the Boneyard gang. Until then, there are other works from Richard coming up soon, which I'll be sure to plug right here.

That's all for now. I hope to be back soon with more info on upcoming projects from Sequential Treasures roster of talent, as well as an new update of comic art for sale from Richard. Until next time, peace out!


New exclusive pin up art by Randy Kintz is available!

Hey all! As the summer starts to wind down, those of us here at Sequential Treasures are still going strong, as we keep the heat on, with great new art to buy!

More new art has just been added to our gallery, this time featuring some get new pin up art from Randy Kintz. But these aren't just any pin ups, as they were all published in Randy WW Chicago Con exclusive sketchbook! If you made the show, or even if you didn't, here's the chance to add some of the great art of that limited exclusive sketchbook to your own collection. We have Princess Leia, Catwoman, Atomic Robo, and more (including the Madame Mirage shown here), all available to purchase right now! Some of these are very detailed and include full backgrounds, too. Just head over to our art gallery and place your order promptly.

That's it for now. More news to come soon. Until next time, peace out!


A Whirlwind Tour: Randy Kintz at Wizard World Chicago!

Hey everyone! It's your humble blogmaster once again, here to continue to give you the lowdown on all the excitement we here at Sequential Treasures have planned to bring to your summer of 2009!

Today, I need to tell those of you planning to head off the Wizard World Chicago this weekend, that Sequential Treasures own Randy "Rantz" Kintz will be one of the artists on hand for the show. He'll be found at table 5108 in artists alley. And he's brought along some new and exclusive goodies just for this show, including some full-color prints and sketchbooks made just for WW Chicago. The Catwoman image shown here is just a taste of that, as it is one of the new prints and the centerfold image for the sketchbooks Randy did only for this show. The prints will be running a mere $5.00 a piece, so it is very much within reach of the economically-minded fan. Make sure to stop by his table a say hello. Perhaps you might even be fortunate enough to get a sketch from him, too. But if you can't make the show, don't forget about the new art from Randy which just came in. Many of the pin ups are still available to purchase.

This summer has been quite a busy one for your blogmaster. So much so, that I totally spaced it and forget to mention the arrival of the Fire and Brimstone Vol. 1 TPB, featuring the collected mini-series by our own Richard Moore, which went on sale last week from Antarctic Press. If you missed out on the mini-series in single issue format, make sure to pick it up now. It should be available at all finer comic and bookstore establishments right now!

That's it for now, gang. I hope to be back soon, with even more news and maybe a surprise or two, as I continue to work on things behind-the-scenes. In the meantime, don't forget to cast your vote in our ongoing poll to the left. Until later, peace out!


New pin up art for sale from Randy "Rantz" Kintz!

Well, as the "dogs days of summer" continue to roll on, we here at Sequential Treasures are not content to lay back and take it easy. We've already given you convention appearances, some peeks at upcoming projects and even a massive sale! Now, here we are with some new art available to purchase!

This time out we have a shipment of art from Randy Kintz. Randy has made available a dozen new pin up pieces, featuring well-known characters (like the Poison Ivy piece shown here) and some of Randy own wacky creations. These are are very reasonably prices (as is usually the case). In fact, I'd even go so far as to say they are priced to move. So, stop by our art gallery and see what's new. Then, get your order in fast, because some of these pieces won't be sticking around long.

And speaking of sticking around, we still have our very important poll question going on and would like your input. It's right on the left and will help us to better serve your needs. Help us to help you. Please vote!

I guess that does it, for now. I told you all Sequential Treasures was going to make this a summer to remember. hopefully, we are keeping that promise. I'll be back soon, with some more new art for sale and other tidbits of info on the happenings going on here. Until then, peace out!


Of Benefits and Bedevilment!

Hey all! Okay, as promised, I got some more news and info for you today. So, let's get to it, shall we?

First off, some bad news, as Richard Moore will not be making it to SDCC this year. I just learned today that he had a major breakdown on his car and aside from not having the transportation to get to the show, the money he had set aside to attend, must now go to a massive car repair bill. I'm sure you are with me, in wishing the best for Richard in this and hopes that he can make the show next year.

Second, I wanted to recap a little on the March of Dimes benefit at the Comic Evolution this past weekend. Almost $2,500.00 was raised for the charity. Randy Kintz (seen hard at work at the event in the photo here) not only did several sketches for donations, but provided a nice Batman pin up to the silent art auction. You humble blogmaster dropped $60.00 in donations on sketches from some of the other artists there and even bid on a few of the items in the auction (although, I was outbid on them all). My wife did win in it, though, and ended up getting a nice page from the comic series Alias. So, all in all, it was a very worthwhile event and helped raise much needed funds for a very good cause. Thanks to all the artists and fans who came out to support it.

Lastly, I'm just dropping a final reminder about our huge "Economic Independence" sale. There are only a few days left in it, as it ends at 11:59 PM (PST) on Sunday. So, if you have been procrastinating on placing your order, you haven't got much time left. There is still a lot of great art available, so check out our art gallery and get your order in fast. This will be the only sale we hold this year, so don't miss your one chance to get in on the savings!

Well, that's all for now. I hope to have some new shipments of art from our artists very shortly, as well as some other news about some of the things I'm working on behind the scenes. Until then, peace out!


More of Moore: Richard Moore at SDCC 2009!

Hey, comic art fiends! We're back to give you an update on where and when to see some of Sequential Treasures bevy of talents.

As everyone knows, all thoughts are turning towards the San Diego ComiCon this week. Well, this will also be the first (and probably last) chance this year for you to see Richard Moore in person. He'll be at the show Thursday through Saturday, sitting at the Antarctic Press booth. Make sure to stop by there and say hello, and perhaps even get yourself a sketch from the man himself. Don't miss out on what might be the only shot this year to see Richard.

Also, don't forget that our massive 25% off sale is now entering it's final week, as well. If you've been holding off buying to see if what you wanted would still be available, the time to jump in is now. Remember, this is likely to be our only sale all year, so don't miss out on the savings. Head over to our art gallery and place that order pronto! And don't overlook our ongoing poll question, either, which is right to the left. You'll be help us, to better help you, by getting your vote in.

That's all for now. I'll be posting again, within the next couple of days, to give you the lowdown on how the Comic Evolution's "March of Dimes" benefit went, as well as perhaps some other cool tidbits. Until then, peace out!


On the move and in the groove!

Hey everyone! Things have really been happening behind the scenes at Sequential Treasures of late. Got some news and info on some of the latest happenings and things yet to come.

First off, I wanted to let you all know that Randy Kintz will be doing a guest appearance (along with many other creative talents) at the Comic Evolution this Saturday. This is conjunction with C.E.'s event to help benefit the March of Dimes. Several artists will be there sketching for donations to the charity, as well as holding an original art auction at the shop (Randy donated a very nice Batman piece for it, himself). So, if you are going to be in the Puyallup, WA area this Saturday, make a note to stop by the store and check out the scene. It's all going to help a very worthwhile cause, after all. You can get all the details on this at the link provided above.

I also got a little bit of a surprise, when in saw that Exfanding Your Horizons did a piece on original comic art collecting, which linked a number of websites and dealers, including your humble blogmaster. What's more, there were even some nice words of praise for me and my efforts. A big thanks to Alex for putting out the good word on us here. It is very much appreciated and was a very welcome surprise!

Then, of course, we have our "Economic Independence" Sale going on, in which the current inventory of everything in stock from Richard Moore, Chris Ivy and Randy Kintz is all 25% off! The response so far has been... well... not what we had hoped. We are currently at about the half way mark, so you still have time to cash-in on the savings, in what might be the only sale we hold this year. You have until 11:59 PM (PST) on the 26th to get in on the discount. Stop by our art gallery and check out what is still in stock. Lots of good stuff is still available and just waiting to find a good home.

Finally, just a quick note to remind you, that if you haven't already, to please vote in our little readers poll to the left. Remember, this is your shot to let your thoughts be known. We are taking the results of this poll very seriously, so the more votes the better, to give information to provide you better quality of service. Let us know what you think.

Well, that's about it for now. I hope to have some more news regarding more appearances by our artists, as well as some new art for sale, in the near future. Until then, peace out!


The Spirit of 2009!

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to take the moment out and wish all of you (or, at least those of you within the United States) a very happy and safe 4th of July! Enjoy those barbeques and fireworks today, in honor of the nation's independence!

Also, as a reminder, our massive "Economic Independence" sale has begun, so if you want to get in on the saving and obtain some really great comic art, don't delay in getting your order in. Head on over to our art gallery and get your purchase rolling!

Finally, if you haven't done so already, make sure to vote in our little consumer poll to the left. As I've said before, I don't hold the lock on knowledge and what you guys think is important to me. So, in the spirit of this celebration of freedom, let you voice be heard and vote! Until next time, peace out!


Sequential Treasures "Economic Independence" Sale!

Hello again, my faithful art lovers! Well, it's been quite a summer season so far here at ST, with our appearances at shows and other cool things, but never content to sit on our laurels, it's time to really kick summer off right! And what better way, than a massive sale on all the original comic art we currently have in stock!

In honor of the upcoming 4th of July celebration, and in an effort to show some kindness to everybody's lighter wallets this year, Sequential Treasures will be holding a huge sale on everything I currently have in inventory from Richard Moore, Randy Kintz and Chris Ivy, with a special 25% off discount! Everything, from covers, to splash pages, to pin ups will be discounted. The more you buy, the more you save!

As for when all this kicks off, it all begins at 12:01 A.M. (PST) on July 4th and runs until 11:59 P.M. (PST) on July 26th. That's 23 days of savings! One day for every decade America has been independent. It's just thing to turn your warm summer HOT, too!

So make sure to count up those pennies and place your order, as with a deal like this going on, don't expect the best stuff to stick around very long. Head on over to my art gallery now and stake out some of the great art that is up for grabs, because I can guarantee this will likely be the only sale we'll be doing until the holidays (at the very least). Make sure you get in on the savings now! Oh, and please make sure to cast your vote in our information poll to the left. It will be very much appreciated.

That all for this time. I'll be back soon with some more news on what shows you can see our artists at next, as well as having some great new art pieces available to buy. Until then, peace out!


A Cut Above: Chris Ivy joins the Wolverine 100 Project!

Hey, everyone! Got a little tidbit of interest here for you today, that doesn't involve me plugging some new art for sale or a convention to see me (or my artists) at.

No, today I'm going to be letting you all in on something special. Sequential Treasures own Chris Ivy is one of the artists who've been tapped for the Hero Initiative's Wolverine 100 Project! He is one of 100 artists who are providing original art to the cover of 100 blank covered limited edition Wolverine comics. And, fortunate fiends that you all are, you get to see the results of this (as shown above) in an exclusive debut at this blog.

Make sure to stop by the Hero Initiative's Wolverine hub page, to see even more of the covers done by even more of the artists involved. Also, make sure to be on the lookout for these covers to be shown soon at a major comic convention near you.

That's all for now. I'll be back soon, with some more big news that you are all probably going to enjoy. Until then, peace out!


Seattle ComiCard Aftermath: Where were the people?

Well, here's my report from the show, as promised. As you can probably guess from the title, things weren't exactly stellar at this show, either. In fact, the amount of traffic at this show, made the Spokane one look about as packed as the Emerald City ComiCon, by comparison. Steve Miner is a good guy and this show can usually be a lot of fun, but I think some poor planning really hindered this one.

First off, at Key Arena right next door, there were graduation events going on. This made finding parking a real pain (not to mention even more expensive). As if that wasn't bad enough, in the section of the hall across from the show, they were holding an arcade game and pinball symposium filled with classic games to play. It seems that finding a worse weekend to hold the show would be highly unlikely.

That picture above is of yours truly, in what would be probably the best point of the show for me (the set up). Only sold a single piece of art all day and not a very expensive one, at that. No sketchbooks or anything else would move. My only consolation, is that it seems many of the other vendors didn't make out any better than me. One of them, Chuck Messinger of Comic Evolution, even told me that it seemed people who came didn't seem to bring their wallets with them. He actually wanted to buy a semi-expensive piece from me, but didn't make enough at the show to do so.

My show highlight was, again, handing out comics to the kids at the show. Gave away almost another 40 comics, too. I also got to bask in the glowing presence of Randy Kintz, which is a pleasure you just can't measure. I even got him to do an amalgam sketch of Alf as Superman. He seemed to do okay at the show, from a financial standpoint, but with me paying for the table and a friend driving him up, it would be hard to have come out at a loss. Wish I could get offers like that.

In the end, this was the biggest bust for me yet. But, as ever, I will soldier on. On the plus side, it means that all of you here online still have an opportunity to grab up some of the art I have in inventory (and given my losses at these local shows, I REALLY need the sales now). I probably won't be doing any more shows, until the one in Portland this November. So, make sure to mark your calendars for that one.

Well, that's all for now. I have some things I'm working on behind the scenes right now and can't talk about. But if they pan out, it'll be some really exciting news for everyone at Sequential Treasures and for you, my faithful followers. Plus, I hope to have some new art updates in the not too distant future. So, keep your eyes peeled here for the latest. Until next time, peace out!


See Sequential Treasures in Seattle this Sunday!

Hey, everyone! I'm burning the midnight oil here, almost quite literally, as well as figuratively. But I wanted to get this posted up before tomorrow, when I probably will not have the time to do so.

As I noted earlier, both Randy Kintz and myself (along with many other fine comic talents) will be at the Seattle ComiCard show this Sunday. I'll be bringing all the art I have in stock with me, along with some nice surprises, including some prizes for a raffle drawing, with all proceeds going to the Hero Initiative. So, if you are in the area on Sunday, please come on out to support this great local and long-running show and say hello to Randy and I. We always enjoy meeting our adoring fans!

I'll have a wrap-up post for you all, on how things went, sometime next week. For now, it's crunch time to get everything ready for the show. I'll see you there, gang! Until then, peace out!


Getting my blogging feng shui on!

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. You haven't headed off into the "Twlight Zone," either. If you came looking for the blog for Sequential Treasures, you are most definately in the right place. But, as all things usually do in our modern society, I decided to make some changes to it. Just another business-minded choice to shake things up and drum up some interest.

As those of you who aren't newbies can tell, I've added a link list, some video clips, a listing of all the label tags I've used so far and a polling feature. On top of that, I went with a different visual style for the blog. It was actually quite fun and shows that changes don't have to be scary. I'm just trying to inject more enjoyment for those who stop on in. Hopefully, I'm succeeding.

I hope those of you who've been coming here enjoy the changes and find them useful (I really hope you folks will answer the poll question, too). To those of you who are stopping by for the first time, I hope you like what you see and will be watching here regularly.

As always, I'm very interested in feedback, so make sure to let me know what you think of the changes here, either in the comments section or by email. I'll be back very soon with more comic art related news and info. Until then, peace out!


New art for sale from Randy "Rantz" Kintz!

Hello again, everyone! Just going to pop off a quickly post today, to inform you of some new art available to purchase from Sequential Treasures. This time out, we have the complete 22 pages from Jason and the Argonauts #2, from Randy Kintz and Bluewater Comics. Lots of epic action in these pages, let me tell you. And if that weren't enough, these pages are priced to move. So, head on over to my art gallery and check them out (along with the many other great pieces of original art I currently have in stock).

Also, just a quick reminder that both Randy and myself will be at the upcoming Seattle ComiCard Show next Sunday. If you are in the area, stop on by and say hello. We'd love to meet some our adoring fans. Well, that's all for now. Until next time, peace out!


Spokane Comicon Aftermath: A very mixed bag!

Hey everyone! Well, I'm back and rested up from doing the Spokane Comic Con this past Saturday. While there were some good things that happened from it, it also had its share of things that didn't work for me. So, here's my thoughts on the show...

I was set up between my guy, Randy Kintz (who is hard at work on a sketch in the picture here), and artist Jason Metcalf. The tables were smaller than I thought they would be and the space behind the tables of those of us in the artists alley section, was a bit cramped at time, since many of us had stuff we needed to keep behind the tables. In fact, the show itself was smaller than I anticipated. According to the guys who started it, this year (the third year of the show) is the biggest one they've done. Yet, for me, it was of a size that would be barely worth doing it, if I was in charge (makes me glad I wasn't at either of the first two shows, as well).

Once the doors opened, people started pouring in. I was pleasantly surprised to see as many kids as I did in attendance. I gave away almost 50 free comics to kids at the show, which was certainly one of the highlights of the show for me. It was also nice talking with some old friends who I have seen since Emerald City Comicon. I managed to get a sketch from artist Steve Lieber for myself, as well. There were folks done up in costumes for the contest held later that day (and if you'd like to see some pics of the contestants, make a comment here and I'll do up a post with some of the photos I got). I talked with some folks, and even managed to help a few get a greater appreciation of comic art and what is involved in the process of it.

However, despite that almost 600 people were reported to have come to the show, sales for me were almost non-existent. Not one piece of art was sold. If it weren't for some of the related items I brought with me (such as sketchbooks and autographed comics), I wouldn't have made a sale all day. I don't think this had anything to do with the con folks themselves, who seemed to be doing everything they could for the guests and dealers there. Something I noted (as did my wife) were all the people who mentioned this was their very first comicon experience. So, my guess is, that many of those who came, simply suffered from total sensory overload. It might have made the show more fun for them, but kind of hindered my main reason for being there.

So, while the show didn't pan out for me financially, I still had a good time and made the most of things. It was a nice little show, overall. I just didn't make out as well as I had hoped. Of course, these are just my thoughts. You can get another view of how things went, right over here.

While all of this was happening, the Josh Medors benefit auctions were ending. While I haven't got a final tally on how much was generated for the event, I do know that the pieces donated by Randy Kintz and Richard Moore brought in almost $100.00 together. I also know that, given where the prices were when I last looked in on the auctions, they must have raised several thousand dollars in all. So, good job, everyone! It is great to see this community can still pull together to help out someone in need.

As for what is in the future for all of you, well, I'm expecting another batch of art from Randy Kintz any time now. Plus, there is the Seattle ComiCard show on the 14th of this month, which I will also have a table at. With this show being more well-established and larger, I'm hoping to do better in making sales for my artists.

Of course, you can always help in that, by checking out my art gallery and making a purchase or two. Believe me, it is always appreciated. That's all for now. I'll hopefully have more news and stuff for you soon. Until later, peace out!


See Sequential Treasures at the Spokane Comicon this Saturday!

Hey, everyone! I got some exciting new for you all. If you are planning on being, or will happen to be, in the Spokane, WA area this Saturday, you need to make sure to stop by the Spokane Comicon! Not only is it the only Comicon on the eastern side of Washington state, but your humble blogmaster will be there, pumping the cause that is Sequential Treasures!

Aside from all the comic art I currently have in inventory from our artists, I also have a few "con exclusive" items, which are only available at shows like this. I'll also be handing out free comics to as many kids as I can who attend (got to help that next generation foster the love of comics, right?), too. Of course, I'm not the only reason you should go, because our own Randy "Rantz" Kintz will also be in attendance, as well. Be sure to say hello to the big lug. There are also plenty of other great guests, raffle prizes, tons and tons (quite litterally) of comics and even a costume contest, among the many other fun things to find there.

Just follow the link provided here to find out all the details. Hope to see some of you there. I'll try to provide a report to you on how the show turns out.

Also, just a last minute reminder that, along with the Spokane show, the eBay benefit auctions to help artist Josh Medors will be ending on Saturday, as well. So, for those who can't make the show, use some of the time to put some bids on all the great donated art there. It's all going for a good cause and you'll have a shot at some really cool stuff (including possibly a couple pieces donated by our artists). That's all for now. Until next time, peace out!


New art from Chris Ivy available to purchase!

Hello again, all you comic art fans out there! Well, I have a couple bits of info for you today.

First off, I just got in some great new goodies from comic inking vet extraordinaire, Chris Ivy. In this update we have some great splash pages from books like Alpha Flight, Avengers West Coast and Sovereign Seven, as well as several interior pages from Marvel Comics Presents, Avengers and 2099 Unlimited. As if all that wasn't enough, there's also a couple of very nice pencil pin-ups, featuring a couple of characters (the image here should give you a big clue as to who) that recently starred in one of the biggest money-making films of the year (so far). So, head on over to my art gallery and check out the new stuff. And, hey, if you see something you like, drop me a line.

The other piece of news I have for you all, is to remind you that tomorrow is when the eBay auction benefit for Josh Medors takes place. It will begin at 9 am (PST), as the art donations collected will be added throughout the day. Randy Kintz and Richard Moore have both donated pieces to this event. So, make sure to do your part and place some bids. You'll have a shot at getting some great art and help out a very worthy cause, to boot. All the art auctions will be found right here. So, make sure to bookmark it and head over tomorrow.

Well, that's it for now. But I'll have some more news for you sometime next week, as I have things in the works to make the summer of 2009 one to remember. Until then, peace out!


Help out a most worthy cause!

Today is going to be a little different from the norm around here, as I'm not going to be promoting any new art for sale or new comic works from Sequential Treasures stable of talent. Today, I'm going to ask you to help give your support to a very worthy cause. The cause is the upcoming Josh Medors Benefit Auction! And to give you the lowdown, the man who is heading up the project, Dave Kopecki:

This is a call to action!

As many of you know already, artist Josh Medors (Frazetta's Swamp Demon
& Sorcerer, Willow Creek, 30 Days of Night) has been fighting a losing
battle against a terminal form of cancer for over a year, and it has recently
taken a turn for the worst. The doctors and conventional medicine have all but
given up on him and say there isn't anything else they can do. But he has found
an alternative treatment that has the possibility of extending his life a bit
and can help improve the quality of his life near the end so he can spend it
with his wife and son. There is even a slim chance it can make him somewhat
better, so he has to try. But of course the treatment is very expensive and Josh
has no medical insurance.

So myself and my brother, Andrew Mangum (currently Josh's inker on
Frazetta's Sorcerer) decided to arrange another benefit auction like the one
theydid at Emerald City Con back in '08. This auction is different though
because the last one was organized by Jay Fotos to help Josh pay his rising
medical bills to fight the cancer, and this one is specifically to get the
treatment he needs to be keep him around. I know there are a lot of fans and
friends out there that want to help, so this auction series will be that
opportunity. A wide variety of artists are contributing personal works and art
from their collections just like last time, but this time it's open to
collectors, fans, and everyone else. as well anyone can donate if they want to
help! We just ask that it be comic or comic art related.

I have set up a special "preview gallery" for all the items as they come in
on my Comic Art Fans webpage.

As one who is attempting to make a living off of artists and their work, it is very imporant to me to help out with things of this nature. To give back a little something, for all that comics and their creators have given to us. Both Randy Kintz and Richard Moore have graciously donated a piece of their own art. I hope that all of you out there will help, with either donations of your own or bidding on the auctions when they go live on May 23rd. Be sure to contact Dave for a link to where the auctions will be found.

Those wishing to donate something, can contact Dave at madman1138@yahoo.com or through his CAF gallery. Any donation must be received by May 22nd, to be included in the auction. Also, if you wish to make a monetary donation, instead of an art one, you can send Josh the money directly to his PayPal account address here: jmedors3@columbus.rr.com

This is a very important cause and I hope all of you out there can help give it, and Josh, all the support you can. Together we can hopefully make a difference!


Hitting The Shelves: Fire and Brimstone #5

Hello, my faithful followers! It is time once again to give you the scoop on some new comic material soon to be found at your local shop, featuring the talents of one of Sequential Treasures own illustrious talents.

Due out tomorrow is Fire and Brimstone #5 (of 5), from Richard Moore and Antarctic Press. It is the concluding chapter to the mini-series. Given the cliffhanger ending from the last issue, there is sure to be some major happenings in the final issue. Will our favorite duo survive the assassin sent to kill them? Will the demons of Hell finally be rid of their bounty hunting efforts? Will Brimstone finally get a laugh at Fire's expense? Lots of questions that are sure to be revealed here.

This mini-series had been overlooked by many folks, so don't miss out on the opportunity to grab it up. Make sure to be on the look out for the cover image shown here. And don't forget about all the great art by Richard Moore, which I still have available to purchase. Stop by my art gallery and take a stroll through what is in stock.

That's it for now. Keep your eyes peeled, because I will soon have some interesting announcements in the coming weeks for you all right here. Don't miss out on some of the cool things Sequential Treasures has cooking up for all of you. Until next time, peace out!


A Happy "Free Comic Book Day" To All!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to wish all of you out there a very fun, happy, and safe Free Comic Book Day. I hope your local shop has some good events planned for you to increase your enjoyment of this awesome little hobby of ours. As for me, I've had a really good one, getting some comics at a discount, picking up my alloment of freebie ones and even getting the awesome little sketch you see here (courtesy of my friend and future comic artist superstar, Jason Metcalf). In fact, if you think that's something, you should see some of the other things I've had him do, as they are all fairly spectacular. I hope your day has been just as wonderful. Until later, peace out!


It's That Time Again: Free Comic Book Day 2009!

Hello, once more, my friends. I told you yesterday, that I would have more news about Sequential Treasures own Randy "Rantz" Kintz for you. So, let's not waste time and get right to it, shall we?

As we all know, tomorrow will herald the comic industry's supposed finest hour, as Free Comic Book Day does it's thing across the globe at all finer comic shops. And while the day is always usually a cause for excitement, this year is even more so for us here, as one of the offerings will contain new work from Randy!

The book you'll want to be sure and pick up, it the one being put out by Red 5 Comics. It is called Atomic Robo and Friends. While the lead feature in the book will be showcasing the company's most popular creation to date, one of the back-up stories will give you the debut of Randy Kintz's new series called Drone. The basics of the plot goes something like this:

"In this action adventure, a group of hackers discover that the military is using satellite controlled robots to fight a war overseas. But their entertainment soon turns into a life or death situation as they’re pulled into an international conflict to control the drone technology!"

This will be your first chance to see Randy's latest efforts. So, make sure to grab a copy of the comic shown here, when you make your way to your local comic shop tomorrow. And don't forget about all the art we currently have available from Randy, either. That is all for now. More to come soon....


New art from Randy Kintz now availavble to purchase!

Hey, all you comic art lovers! Just going to post up a little quickie post, so that you all can be made aware that Randy "Rantz" Kintz has made his pages from Jason and the Argonauts #1, from Bluewater Comics, available to purchase (inculding the nice page you see shown right here).

The prices on these pages are very reasonable and affordable, as both Randy and myself are very sympathetic to how tight funds are for many folks right now. Please, head on over to my art gallery and check out what's new (as well as all the other great art still available to buy). You'll be glad you did.

That's all for now. Tomorrow I have some more news for you regarding Randy, but that will have to keep for now. Until then, peace out!


Hitting The Shelves: Far West: Bad Mojo #2

Hey all! It is once again time to give you all the proverbial heads up on some new comic goodness to be found at your local comic retailer this week, featuring one of Sequential Treasures own top-flight talent!

Out tomorrow is Far West: Bad Mojo #2 (of 2) from Antarctic Press and showcasing the peerless artistic presence of our own Richard Moore! Trapped in the area called the Badlands, Meg and Phil the Bear face off against some of the deadliest dangers they ever have. Will they survive and escape this perilous region? Will they capture the bounty they tracked into the Badlands? Will Meg actually hold her temper and cursing in check (Well, I think that last one can be a given as "no.")? All this and more will be answered in the mini-series conclusion. Since this is the first Far West book in almost a decade, this seems to be slipping under the radar of many folks, so make sure you get your copy. Just be on the lookout for the cover shown right here.

And don't forget all the great new art from Richard I updated with very recently. Much of it (along with lots of other goodies by him) are still available to purchase. Make sure to stop by my art gallery and check out what I currently have in stock from Richard (and the other artists art I have in inventory). Until next time, peace out!


Because I haven't cornered the market on knowledge....

Hello, my fellow comic art lovers! This time out I wanted to do something a little bit different. So far, it has been me doing all the talking and all the writing around here. But one of the reasons I started this blog, was to have a place for all of you to give me your thoughts on things. Well, consider this an official invitation. I want to know what you think about Sequential Treasures up to this point.

Please use the comments section on this entry as your own personal "suggestion box." Let me know what your thoughts on things are. Is there something I'm not doing, that I should? Or something I am doing, that I should stop? What are the things you like about this service and what are things that need improving? What is it you would like from me and this endeavor? What can I do to make things better for you, and make you more interested than you already are? Let me know. I don't pretend to have all the answers here, and your input can only help me get a better idea of where I'm going and what direction I should be looking in next. I really want to know your feelings on things.

Remember, a business can only improve if the clientele speak up. So, let your voices ring out and be heard. I am most certainly willing to listen to all you have to say and give it the consideration it deserves. Until next time, peace out!


Randy Kintz art now available to purchase!

Hey all! Just wanted to drop the good news that I just updated my gallery with some fine artistic goodness from my newest talent addition: Randy "Rantz" Kintz!

Randy has made available to purchase his cover art from the Bluewater Comics series Legend of Isis (the cover to issue #4 is shown here)! As if that weren't enough, I also put up several pin pieces featuring some Vampire Hunters and Warrior Angels. Stop by my gallery and check out the new addition (and be sure to place your order before they all disappear). You can expect to see even more stuff for sale from Randy within the next several weeks. So, get used to see his unique blend of American an Manga art styles, as they are going to become a fixture around here.

Also, it is now confirmed that I will be at the Spokane ComiCon at the end of May. I have lined up my table there and all is green lighted to go (they even put up a link to this blog in the Artists Alley section of their website). So, make sure to mark the date on your calendar. That's all for now. Until next time, peace out!


Artist Bio: Randy "Rantz" Kintz

With the welcome news that I am again working with Randy Kintz, it also seems appropriate that you also get the lowdown on him. As with Richard Moore, those of you who've bought from me when I was working through Space Goat already will know most of this stuff (although, there is some new tidbits for you, which has not been known before). For the rest of you, this is the oppertunity to learn about Randy a bit. So, sit back and read on, McDuff:

"Born and raised in the outlying suburbs of Portland Oregon, Randy “Rantz” Kintz was destined to be an artist is some form or fashion. From early childhood, Randy would get into trouble for doodling on anything, and everything, that he could get his hands on. Not much has changed, in that sense. These days, his doodling has sparked the pages of Ray Harryhausens: Jason and the Argonauts, bringing new life to an already epic story, providing both pencils and inks. His blend of American and Anime styles has sparked interest all over the world. His art can also be seen on the covers of Legend of Isis, GEARZ (cover to issue #2 shown above), and Wrath of the Titans #1 Graham Cracker Exclusive from Bluewater Productions, to images within the pages of Cereal Geek, based out of England."

Expect to see big things from this guy later this year. In fact Randy is currently working on the series Drone from Red 5 Comics, which is due out shortly. You will have a chance to check out his work on it even sooner, as there is a preview of it set for Red 5's Free Comic Book Day offering which will be available in May. Randy's art style is very unique and distinct. It reminds me of a lot of artists who use an anime-influenced style (like Humberto Ramos and Joe Madureira), but it has an edge all it's own. Sequential Treasures is very happy to have him on board with us. Our list of talented creators only continues to grow, as we slowly begin our eventual bid to take over the comic industry!

I'll have some of Randy's art available to purchase very soon. So, keep tabs on my art gallery for the upcoming update. Until then, peace out!


"Rantz" and Raves: Randy Kintz is Back!

Okay, everyone. I told you I nabbed up another artist at Emerald City ComiCon last weekend. And I hinted that this talent would be familiar to those of you who've bought art from me before (back when I was with Space Goat). Well, the time has come to do the big reveal. The "new" artistic talent joining Sequential Treasures is: Randy "Rantz" Kintz!

Those of you who can recall, know I was repping for Randy at Space Goat. Well, now he's back and so is his art. In fact, he's even got some things going on I'll tell you all about later, when I revamp his creator bio and post it up here this weekend.

For now, you can simply bask in the glow of his handsomeness in the pic shown here (he's just too cute in it, isn't he?), as I get ready to put up his art for sale on my gallery very shortly (and don't forget the updates I just did with Chris Ivy and Richard Moore, in which much of their art is still available to purcahse). What's more, Randy will be at the Spokane ComiCon in May along with yours truly. So, make sure to mark the day of the show on your calendar. Stay tuned for more info as it comes...


Emerald City ComiCon: Oh, What A Time!

Hey there, everyone. Your humble blogmaster has returned from his jaunt at Seattle's Emerald City ComiCon. Sorry for the delay in posting about it, but a good show is like a long flight, in that both will leave you jet-lagged and drained. So, I needed yesterday just to decompress a bit, but now I'm back and ready to roll!

The show was a lot of fun. I saw lots of creators, and even got some nice goodies for myself and the wife. On the business front, I didn't really sell much art at the show, but then since I was helping out at the Hero Initiative booth, that isn't all that surprising. Still, I was hoping for more, but maybe next year, when I can have a booth of my own.

My assisting the Hero Initiative was a pleasure on my part. On Saturday, I was given the special task of getting as many creators as I could to sign a Hero Initiative t-shirt, which will now head to San Diego Con for more signatures, before it is raffled off. I got a lot of folks to sign (over 60 in total), including Bruce Timm, Tim Sale, Humberto Ramos, Frank Cho, Brandon Peterson, Patrick Gleason, Amanda Conner, Bob Layton, Paul Smith, Tony DeZuniga, Joe Jusko, Erik Larsen, Jim Valentino and many others. Sunday was more my helping out at the booth. In all, the charity took in almost $5,000.00, which will go to helping many creators who are in need this year. So, a job well done on that front.

As far as what was done for Sequential Treasures, I talked with Brian Pulido and shown him the art of Richard Moore and Chris Ivy that I had brought with me. I said that if he had anything work-wise they could do, to drop me a line and I'd put him in contact with them. We'll have to see how that goes. And I did get another artist to sign up with me, so that now brings the total to three. I'll do a special blog entry about them very shortly, but I will tell you now that this will be a familiar face, if you bought art from me before. As for the pic shown above, that is yours truly with writer and Space Goat Productions President (aka, my former boss) Shon C. Bury. I'm the one on the left. It was good to see him and hook up after the show for some fun. So, while I didn't accomplish everything I hoped to do, I did make some headway. And there is another show in Spokane coming at the end of May, which I will have my own booth at. So, if you are going to be there, be sure to stop by. Before then, I expect to have some more new art from Chris Ivy and an update on my new talent. So, keep your eyes peeled and ears open, because things are just starting to get good. More to come later!


I'm Emerald City Bound!

Well, I'm back and here to tell you the top secret news I've been hinting at for days. The time for teasing you is done and the time for the big reveal is here. So, here it is:

I will be at the Emerald City ComiCon this weekend. While that may not sound very exciting in and of itself, there is more to it. I won't have my own booth this year, as I did last year. This year I will be helping out the Hero Initiative and will be working their booth there from time-to-time. What's more, I'll be bringing a nice big portfolio with Richard Moore and Chris Ivy's art in it with me, as well as some pre-sketched sketchbooks I had Richard do a few months ago, which will give anyone going to the show access to the art for buying purposes. If you haven't gotten something from us yet, you have an opportunity to do so and save on the shipping costs. Can't beat that, can you?

So, if you are in Seattle this weekend and going to the show, stop by the Hero Initiative booth and say hello. And if I'm not there at that time, be on the lookout for a guy roaming the aisles, with a backpack full of comics for signing and a large art portfolio under his arm, as that will most likely be yours truly. Hope to see some of you there! I'll try to give you all a report of how things go, after the show ends. Maybe I'll even throw in some funny pics of what I see there. Until then, peace out!


Artist Bio: Richard Moore

I figured since I gave you all Chris Ivy's personal bio a few days ago, that it would probably be a good idea to give you Richard Moore's, as well. This was already made public when I was still with Space Goat Fine Arts (and it is where the bulk of the info is coming from), but with a new blog and new start it just makes sense to put it here, too. So, for those who've seen it before, you'll be getting a nice sense of deja vu. For those who haven't seen it before, please do enjoy. And away we go:

"California-born Richard Moore grew up not so much wanting to be an artist as simply feeling compelled to draw. Paper, textbooks, desktops--any flat surface was fair game. Not knowing exactly how to go about making money with his art, Richard focused obsessively on improving his fine art skills, then segued into comics with the publication of titles such as Far West and Deja Vu through Antarctic Press and Radio Comix. Richard has spent the past several years writing and illustrating the indie hit Boneyard (cover art from the series is shown at the left) from NBM Publishing."

And what does the future hold for Richard? The much desired (and much delayed) final issue of Boneyard will be out in a few months, before going on hiatus. There is also the concluding issues to the Fire & Brimstone and Far West: Bad Mojo mini-series, which are to be published by Antarctic Press. Also, some of his past works, which have not been reprinted anywhere else will finally be getting such treatment (the what, where and when, I cannot say right now). Finally, Richard is also hard at work on a children's book, which I will talk more about when more info can be given. So, there will be no shortage of Moore in 2009. In fact, expect lots of big things, both this year and beyond, from this extremely talented creative force.

That's all for now. Tomorrow I will announce the "secret news" I hinted at yesterday. And no, it's not an April Fools joke, either. Until next time, peace out!


New Richard Moore art available to purchase!

Hey everyone! I'm back again, with more exciting news for you. As if the addition of Chris Ivy to our roster wasn't cool enough, I just got in a nice selection of new art from Richard Moore, as well.

In this batch we have a couple of covers, one from a published adult series and the other an unpublished sketchbook cover, a great new pin up piece, that is to be published shortly (you'll like this if you are a fan of Boneyard or the series Hack/Slash), which is shown on the left, and best of all, the entire run of art from issue #4 of Richard's mini-series Fire and Brimstone! So, there's lots to see here. This, of course, is on top of all the great art I just added from Chris Ivy a couple days ago. You really have no excuses for not placing an order, with so much awesome art available to you. So, what are you waiting for? Consider this your engraved invitation!

And stay tuned here, as I have still more exciting news for you in a couple of days. Until then, peace out!


Artist Bio: Chris Ivy

Well, as promised, here is a quick little artist's bio on Sequential Treasures newest resident, Chris Ivy. And away we go...

"Chris Ivy's career in comics started with a phone call from legend Don Perlin just two days before he graduation from art college in 1987. He asked if Chris was interested in a staff job at Marvel in 1987, working under Perlin himself and John Romita in Marvel’s Art Corrections dept. Chris learned more from the both of them in the next 12 months then in any of his schooling about the art of comics. After a short stint in the same year as Joe Rubenstein's inking assistant, he began his own lucrative freelance career on the lowest rung of the ladder—pencilling, coloring and (mostly) inking for Marvel—starting on a couple of the New Universe titles, Remo Williams: Destroyer and Wolf Pack. He eventually gained enough trust from editors there to expand to higher-selling books (Avengers, Marvel Comics Presents, Alpha Flight, Punisher, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Blade, Cage, Wolverine and plenty others), while working with some of the best talent in the business. In “Forrest Gump” fashion—he seemed to meet and befriend key figures in the industry (Jim Lee, Jim Valentino, Erik Larsen, Rob Liefeld, Whilce Portacio, to name a few) over the next several years that led him to more high-profile work on titles at Image (Shadowhawk, Wildstorm Swimsuit issue, Supreme, Phantom Force, Union), Valiant-Voyager/Acclaim (Bloodshot, H.A.R.D. Corps), DC (Anima, Superman, Flash, Beast Boy, Sovereign Seven, JLA) and Dark Horse (Star Wars-Bounty Hunters: Kenix Kil , Aliens v. Predator: Xenogenesis, Aliens v. Predator v. Terminator, Planet of the Apes). Truly, Chris was one of the most prolific artist/inkers within the comic industry throughout the late 80's and well into the 90's!"

Of course, those days are long gone and things have changed very much since then. With the crushing industry-wide implosion through the last half of the 90’s and early 2000’s, work has been much harder to come by. Lately, most of his time is spent looking for any and all illustration work, making some of the convention circuit, as well as doing private comic-related commission work through places like ComicArtFans.com and eBay. And now, selling his original pages through Sequential Treasures: Comic Art Sales can be added to that list.

So, make sure to check out the art we currently have on hand from Chris. More will be on the way very soon. Don't miss out. Until later, peace out!