See Sequential Treasures at the Spokane Comicon this Saturday!

Hey, everyone! I got some exciting new for you all. If you are planning on being, or will happen to be, in the Spokane, WA area this Saturday, you need to make sure to stop by the Spokane Comicon! Not only is it the only Comicon on the eastern side of Washington state, but your humble blogmaster will be there, pumping the cause that is Sequential Treasures!

Aside from all the comic art I currently have in inventory from our artists, I also have a few "con exclusive" items, which are only available at shows like this. I'll also be handing out free comics to as many kids as I can who attend (got to help that next generation foster the love of comics, right?), too. Of course, I'm not the only reason you should go, because our own Randy "Rantz" Kintz will also be in attendance, as well. Be sure to say hello to the big lug. There are also plenty of other great guests, raffle prizes, tons and tons (quite litterally) of comics and even a costume contest, among the many other fun things to find there.

Just follow the link provided here to find out all the details. Hope to see some of you there. I'll try to provide a report to you on how the show turns out.

Also, just a last minute reminder that, along with the Spokane show, the eBay benefit auctions to help artist Josh Medors will be ending on Saturday, as well. So, for those who can't make the show, use some of the time to put some bids on all the great donated art there. It's all going for a good cause and you'll have a shot at some really cool stuff (including possibly a couple pieces donated by our artists). That's all for now. Until next time, peace out!


New art from Chris Ivy available to purchase!

Hello again, all you comic art fans out there! Well, I have a couple bits of info for you today.

First off, I just got in some great new goodies from comic inking vet extraordinaire, Chris Ivy. In this update we have some great splash pages from books like Alpha Flight, Avengers West Coast and Sovereign Seven, as well as several interior pages from Marvel Comics Presents, Avengers and 2099 Unlimited. As if all that wasn't enough, there's also a couple of very nice pencil pin-ups, featuring a couple of characters (the image here should give you a big clue as to who) that recently starred in one of the biggest money-making films of the year (so far). So, head on over to my art gallery and check out the new stuff. And, hey, if you see something you like, drop me a line.

The other piece of news I have for you all, is to remind you that tomorrow is when the eBay auction benefit for Josh Medors takes place. It will begin at 9 am (PST), as the art donations collected will be added throughout the day. Randy Kintz and Richard Moore have both donated pieces to this event. So, make sure to do your part and place some bids. You'll have a shot at getting some great art and help out a very worthy cause, to boot. All the art auctions will be found right here. So, make sure to bookmark it and head over tomorrow.

Well, that's it for now. But I'll have some more news for you sometime next week, as I have things in the works to make the summer of 2009 one to remember. Until then, peace out!


Help out a most worthy cause!

Today is going to be a little different from the norm around here, as I'm not going to be promoting any new art for sale or new comic works from Sequential Treasures stable of talent. Today, I'm going to ask you to help give your support to a very worthy cause. The cause is the upcoming Josh Medors Benefit Auction! And to give you the lowdown, the man who is heading up the project, Dave Kopecki:

This is a call to action!

As many of you know already, artist Josh Medors (Frazetta's Swamp Demon
& Sorcerer, Willow Creek, 30 Days of Night) has been fighting a losing
battle against a terminal form of cancer for over a year, and it has recently
taken a turn for the worst. The doctors and conventional medicine have all but
given up on him and say there isn't anything else they can do. But he has found
an alternative treatment that has the possibility of extending his life a bit
and can help improve the quality of his life near the end so he can spend it
with his wife and son. There is even a slim chance it can make him somewhat
better, so he has to try. But of course the treatment is very expensive and Josh
has no medical insurance.

So myself and my brother, Andrew Mangum (currently Josh's inker on
Frazetta's Sorcerer) decided to arrange another benefit auction like the one
theydid at Emerald City Con back in '08. This auction is different though
because the last one was organized by Jay Fotos to help Josh pay his rising
medical bills to fight the cancer, and this one is specifically to get the
treatment he needs to be keep him around. I know there are a lot of fans and
friends out there that want to help, so this auction series will be that
opportunity. A wide variety of artists are contributing personal works and art
from their collections just like last time, but this time it's open to
collectors, fans, and everyone else. as well anyone can donate if they want to
help! We just ask that it be comic or comic art related.

I have set up a special "preview gallery" for all the items as they come in
on my Comic Art Fans webpage.

As one who is attempting to make a living off of artists and their work, it is very imporant to me to help out with things of this nature. To give back a little something, for all that comics and their creators have given to us. Both Randy Kintz and Richard Moore have graciously donated a piece of their own art. I hope that all of you out there will help, with either donations of your own or bidding on the auctions when they go live on May 23rd. Be sure to contact Dave for a link to where the auctions will be found.

Those wishing to donate something, can contact Dave at madman1138@yahoo.com or through his CAF gallery. Any donation must be received by May 22nd, to be included in the auction. Also, if you wish to make a monetary donation, instead of an art one, you can send Josh the money directly to his PayPal account address here: jmedors3@columbus.rr.com

This is a very important cause and I hope all of you out there can help give it, and Josh, all the support you can. Together we can hopefully make a difference!


Hitting The Shelves: Fire and Brimstone #5

Hello, my faithful followers! It is time once again to give you the scoop on some new comic material soon to be found at your local shop, featuring the talents of one of Sequential Treasures own illustrious talents.

Due out tomorrow is Fire and Brimstone #5 (of 5), from Richard Moore and Antarctic Press. It is the concluding chapter to the mini-series. Given the cliffhanger ending from the last issue, there is sure to be some major happenings in the final issue. Will our favorite duo survive the assassin sent to kill them? Will the demons of Hell finally be rid of their bounty hunting efforts? Will Brimstone finally get a laugh at Fire's expense? Lots of questions that are sure to be revealed here.

This mini-series had been overlooked by many folks, so don't miss out on the opportunity to grab it up. Make sure to be on the look out for the cover image shown here. And don't forget about all the great art by Richard Moore, which I still have available to purchase. Stop by my art gallery and take a stroll through what is in stock.

That's it for now. Keep your eyes peeled, because I will soon have some interesting announcements in the coming weeks for you all right here. Don't miss out on some of the cool things Sequential Treasures has cooking up for all of you. Until next time, peace out!


A Happy "Free Comic Book Day" To All!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to wish all of you out there a very fun, happy, and safe Free Comic Book Day. I hope your local shop has some good events planned for you to increase your enjoyment of this awesome little hobby of ours. As for me, I've had a really good one, getting some comics at a discount, picking up my alloment of freebie ones and even getting the awesome little sketch you see here (courtesy of my friend and future comic artist superstar, Jason Metcalf). In fact, if you think that's something, you should see some of the other things I've had him do, as they are all fairly spectacular. I hope your day has been just as wonderful. Until later, peace out!


It's That Time Again: Free Comic Book Day 2009!

Hello, once more, my friends. I told you yesterday, that I would have more news about Sequential Treasures own Randy "Rantz" Kintz for you. So, let's not waste time and get right to it, shall we?

As we all know, tomorrow will herald the comic industry's supposed finest hour, as Free Comic Book Day does it's thing across the globe at all finer comic shops. And while the day is always usually a cause for excitement, this year is even more so for us here, as one of the offerings will contain new work from Randy!

The book you'll want to be sure and pick up, it the one being put out by Red 5 Comics. It is called Atomic Robo and Friends. While the lead feature in the book will be showcasing the company's most popular creation to date, one of the back-up stories will give you the debut of Randy Kintz's new series called Drone. The basics of the plot goes something like this:

"In this action adventure, a group of hackers discover that the military is using satellite controlled robots to fight a war overseas. But their entertainment soon turns into a life or death situation as they’re pulled into an international conflict to control the drone technology!"

This will be your first chance to see Randy's latest efforts. So, make sure to grab a copy of the comic shown here, when you make your way to your local comic shop tomorrow. And don't forget about all the art we currently have available from Randy, either. That is all for now. More to come soon....