A Cut Above: Chris Ivy joins the Wolverine 100 Project!

Hey, everyone! Got a little tidbit of interest here for you today, that doesn't involve me plugging some new art for sale or a convention to see me (or my artists) at.

No, today I'm going to be letting you all in on something special. Sequential Treasures own Chris Ivy is one of the artists who've been tapped for the Hero Initiative's Wolverine 100 Project! He is one of 100 artists who are providing original art to the cover of 100 blank covered limited edition Wolverine comics. And, fortunate fiends that you all are, you get to see the results of this (as shown above) in an exclusive debut at this blog.

Make sure to stop by the Hero Initiative's Wolverine hub page, to see even more of the covers done by even more of the artists involved. Also, make sure to be on the lookout for these covers to be shown soon at a major comic convention near you.

That's all for now. I'll be back soon, with some more big news that you are all probably going to enjoy. Until then, peace out!


Seattle ComiCard Aftermath: Where were the people?

Well, here's my report from the show, as promised. As you can probably guess from the title, things weren't exactly stellar at this show, either. In fact, the amount of traffic at this show, made the Spokane one look about as packed as the Emerald City ComiCon, by comparison. Steve Miner is a good guy and this show can usually be a lot of fun, but I think some poor planning really hindered this one.

First off, at Key Arena right next door, there were graduation events going on. This made finding parking a real pain (not to mention even more expensive). As if that wasn't bad enough, in the section of the hall across from the show, they were holding an arcade game and pinball symposium filled with classic games to play. It seems that finding a worse weekend to hold the show would be highly unlikely.

That picture above is of yours truly, in what would be probably the best point of the show for me (the set up). Only sold a single piece of art all day and not a very expensive one, at that. No sketchbooks or anything else would move. My only consolation, is that it seems many of the other vendors didn't make out any better than me. One of them, Chuck Messinger of Comic Evolution, even told me that it seemed people who came didn't seem to bring their wallets with them. He actually wanted to buy a semi-expensive piece from me, but didn't make enough at the show to do so.

My show highlight was, again, handing out comics to the kids at the show. Gave away almost another 40 comics, too. I also got to bask in the glowing presence of Randy Kintz, which is a pleasure you just can't measure. I even got him to do an amalgam sketch of Alf as Superman. He seemed to do okay at the show, from a financial standpoint, but with me paying for the table and a friend driving him up, it would be hard to have come out at a loss. Wish I could get offers like that.

In the end, this was the biggest bust for me yet. But, as ever, I will soldier on. On the plus side, it means that all of you here online still have an opportunity to grab up some of the art I have in inventory (and given my losses at these local shows, I REALLY need the sales now). I probably won't be doing any more shows, until the one in Portland this November. So, make sure to mark your calendars for that one.

Well, that's all for now. I have some things I'm working on behind the scenes right now and can't talk about. But if they pan out, it'll be some really exciting news for everyone at Sequential Treasures and for you, my faithful followers. Plus, I hope to have some new art updates in the not too distant future. So, keep your eyes peeled here for the latest. Until next time, peace out!


See Sequential Treasures in Seattle this Sunday!

Hey, everyone! I'm burning the midnight oil here, almost quite literally, as well as figuratively. But I wanted to get this posted up before tomorrow, when I probably will not have the time to do so.

As I noted earlier, both Randy Kintz and myself (along with many other fine comic talents) will be at the Seattle ComiCard show this Sunday. I'll be bringing all the art I have in stock with me, along with some nice surprises, including some prizes for a raffle drawing, with all proceeds going to the Hero Initiative. So, if you are in the area on Sunday, please come on out to support this great local and long-running show and say hello to Randy and I. We always enjoy meeting our adoring fans!

I'll have a wrap-up post for you all, on how things went, sometime next week. For now, it's crunch time to get everything ready for the show. I'll see you there, gang! Until then, peace out!


Getting my blogging feng shui on!

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. You haven't headed off into the "Twlight Zone," either. If you came looking for the blog for Sequential Treasures, you are most definately in the right place. But, as all things usually do in our modern society, I decided to make some changes to it. Just another business-minded choice to shake things up and drum up some interest.

As those of you who aren't newbies can tell, I've added a link list, some video clips, a listing of all the label tags I've used so far and a polling feature. On top of that, I went with a different visual style for the blog. It was actually quite fun and shows that changes don't have to be scary. I'm just trying to inject more enjoyment for those who stop on in. Hopefully, I'm succeeding.

I hope those of you who've been coming here enjoy the changes and find them useful (I really hope you folks will answer the poll question, too). To those of you who are stopping by for the first time, I hope you like what you see and will be watching here regularly.

As always, I'm very interested in feedback, so make sure to let me know what you think of the changes here, either in the comments section or by email. I'll be back very soon with more comic art related news and info. Until then, peace out!


New art for sale from Randy "Rantz" Kintz!

Hello again, everyone! Just going to pop off a quickly post today, to inform you of some new art available to purchase from Sequential Treasures. This time out, we have the complete 22 pages from Jason and the Argonauts #2, from Randy Kintz and Bluewater Comics. Lots of epic action in these pages, let me tell you. And if that weren't enough, these pages are priced to move. So, head on over to my art gallery and check them out (along with the many other great pieces of original art I currently have in stock).

Also, just a quick reminder that both Randy and myself will be at the upcoming Seattle ComiCard Show next Sunday. If you are in the area, stop on by and say hello. We'd love to meet some our adoring fans. Well, that's all for now. Until next time, peace out!


Spokane Comicon Aftermath: A very mixed bag!

Hey everyone! Well, I'm back and rested up from doing the Spokane Comic Con this past Saturday. While there were some good things that happened from it, it also had its share of things that didn't work for me. So, here's my thoughts on the show...

I was set up between my guy, Randy Kintz (who is hard at work on a sketch in the picture here), and artist Jason Metcalf. The tables were smaller than I thought they would be and the space behind the tables of those of us in the artists alley section, was a bit cramped at time, since many of us had stuff we needed to keep behind the tables. In fact, the show itself was smaller than I anticipated. According to the guys who started it, this year (the third year of the show) is the biggest one they've done. Yet, for me, it was of a size that would be barely worth doing it, if I was in charge (makes me glad I wasn't at either of the first two shows, as well).

Once the doors opened, people started pouring in. I was pleasantly surprised to see as many kids as I did in attendance. I gave away almost 50 free comics to kids at the show, which was certainly one of the highlights of the show for me. It was also nice talking with some old friends who I have seen since Emerald City Comicon. I managed to get a sketch from artist Steve Lieber for myself, as well. There were folks done up in costumes for the contest held later that day (and if you'd like to see some pics of the contestants, make a comment here and I'll do up a post with some of the photos I got). I talked with some folks, and even managed to help a few get a greater appreciation of comic art and what is involved in the process of it.

However, despite that almost 600 people were reported to have come to the show, sales for me were almost non-existent. Not one piece of art was sold. If it weren't for some of the related items I brought with me (such as sketchbooks and autographed comics), I wouldn't have made a sale all day. I don't think this had anything to do with the con folks themselves, who seemed to be doing everything they could for the guests and dealers there. Something I noted (as did my wife) were all the people who mentioned this was their very first comicon experience. So, my guess is, that many of those who came, simply suffered from total sensory overload. It might have made the show more fun for them, but kind of hindered my main reason for being there.

So, while the show didn't pan out for me financially, I still had a good time and made the most of things. It was a nice little show, overall. I just didn't make out as well as I had hoped. Of course, these are just my thoughts. You can get another view of how things went, right over here.

While all of this was happening, the Josh Medors benefit auctions were ending. While I haven't got a final tally on how much was generated for the event, I do know that the pieces donated by Randy Kintz and Richard Moore brought in almost $100.00 together. I also know that, given where the prices were when I last looked in on the auctions, they must have raised several thousand dollars in all. So, good job, everyone! It is great to see this community can still pull together to help out someone in need.

As for what is in the future for all of you, well, I'm expecting another batch of art from Randy Kintz any time now. Plus, there is the Seattle ComiCard show on the 14th of this month, which I will also have a table at. With this show being more well-established and larger, I'm hoping to do better in making sales for my artists.

Of course, you can always help in that, by checking out my art gallery and making a purchase or two. Believe me, it is always appreciated. That's all for now. I'll hopefully have more news and stuff for you soon. Until later, peace out!