Hitting The Shelves: Drone #2

Hey there, my loyal art lovers. While Sequential Treasures is still on "holiday break" as far as art sales go, the world itself is still spinning. As a result, there is one last bit of news for me to hit you with before 2009 becomes a memory.

In all finer comic shops this week, you will find the release of Drone #2 from Red 5 Comics, featuring the artistic power of our own Randy "Rantz" Kintz. The story conitues as our friendly hackers, now in cotrol of one of the battle drones, find themselves in the difficult position of trying to save the life of one of the army techs from a band of well armed terrorists, as well as figure out how they will keep themselves out of hot water for having hacked into the drone control programs.

This mini-series has been getting some good buzz online, with several positive reviews for the first issue. Here's a sampling:

So, make sure to head out to your local comic shop and grab your copy of the second issue to this well-received book. Just look for the cover shown here. Don't miss out on what might be one of the best mini-series of 2010. That's all for now, as well as for this year. Until next year, peace out! I'll see you all in 2010!


Wishing you the best for the Holidays!

Hello again, everyone! As we go racing towards the end of 2009, we all tend to reflect on what the year has brought us and where we'd like to begin the new year. Of course, with Christmas only a week away, many of us are turning our thoughts to out loved ones and those closest to us.

It's no different for your blogmaster here at Sequential Treasures, in that regard. It has been quite a year with some great highs and even greater lows. As such, I could really use a bit of a break. So, starting now and run through the first of next year, all sales activity will be suspended, so I might partake in the fun of the holidays and spend so time with my own loved ones. This month has been completely flatlined, as far as sales go (which is a bit surprising and a little disappointing, I might add), so I figured that it would be a good time to take a break and get some time to recharge for the start of next year, which I'm hoping will be even better than this one is. I already have some things going on that I can't yet announce, but rest assured that it will all make the kick off of 2010 a good one.

So, I want to take this moment to thank all of you who've supported us through this year (by way of financial means or any other) and wish all of you a joyous holiday. I also want to thank our artists for their tireless effort and gracing us with their immense talent. I'll see you all next year! Until then, peace and goodwill to all of you!


James Meeley


Keeping the hussle in the Holiday bussle...

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to drop a note here, as those of us at Sequential Treasures are keeping ourselves busy with things, as we get closer to the end of the Holiday season.

First off, Randy Kintz currently has an auction up on eBay. No, he's not selling some of his own stuff, but is part of a sketch card auction from 5finity Production, featuring their 2009 Mandy card set. Here's the details on that:

This auction is for a ONE OF A KIND original sketch card from the 5Finity
Productions 2009 release of MANDY Sketch Card Series based on the Dean Yeagle

MANDY is a cute blonde comic strip character created by
Dean Yeagle as a cartoon pin-up girl. MANDY has appeared in Play Boy
Magazine and is a fan favorite character.

This is part of a rare
limited release by 5Finity Productions. What this is, is part of their
TRADING CARD release of packs that randomly included an original sketch card by
various artists. Customers who purchased packs do not know what the
contents of the pack is, so it's a blind box system like most trading cards
where a random card is inserted and there's no guarantees what you'll find

This here GUARANTEES you that the card you will receive is
the one you see.
No guesswork involved here! What you see is
exactly what you get!

So make sure to get your bid in on his card (and some of the many other artists who contributed, as well), which is pictured above.

Next up, your humble blogmaster has finally taken the plunge and joined up on Facebook. I'll be using it to further extol the virtues and talent of those in Sequential Treasures stables, as well as give a little bit more of my personal slant on things, too. So, make sure to friend me, if you want to keep up even more with the happening here at ST.

Lastly, with how busy we were last month with hitting up various conventions, I totally dropped the ball and missed plugging Richard Moore's re-release of his creation of The Pound. This was originally put out back in 2000, but it has been remastered and colored this time. So, if your shop doesn't have it, bug them until they do. Or, you can just order a copy off the Antarctic Press website.

That's all for now. More to come soon. Until later, peace out!


Drone #1 art from Randy Kintz now available!

Hello again, my fellow followers of sequential art! We're back again, with some more new art for your eyes to behold and your wallets to unload!

This time our, we have the entirety of the art from issue #1 of Randy's Kintz's new Red 5 mini-series, Drone! All 22 interior pages, plus the cover art, is now available for you to obtain for your very own. The book's premiere issue has gotten some very nice and positive reviews in the online comic press. Here's your chance to now get some of the original from it. Just head on over to our art gallery and place your order. And be sure to keep a watch for issue #2 from this series at your local comic shop, which is due out this month, as well.

That's all for this time. Coming soon, I'm expecting to have a new update of art from artist Richard Moore, as well as informing you about an important announcement of a more personal nature. Until then, peace out!