'Tis the (convention) season....

Hey, everyone! Just stop by today to give you an update on some appearances by some of our vaunted talents.

First off, as most already know, tonight starts the epic San Diego Comi-Con! It's the biggest show all year and it only makes sense of our awesome artists would be there. First up, we have Mick Gray, who can be found in Artist Alley at table #FF-03 throughout all five days of the show. Mick will have the usual array of prints, plus plenty of original art, and doing sketches. Also, if you are really nice, he might give you a bit of a glimpse into what he'll be doing on the reboot relaunch of Batman and Robin, in line with DC's "new 52" event this fall. So, you need to make sure to mark his table as a place to go at the show.

Not to be outdone by that, is Jason Craig, who's not just doing one show this weekend, but TWO! First, he'll be at SDCC from tonight's preview night through Friday morning. Then, it's time to hope a red-eye flight to get to the Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville, KY for Saturday and Sunday. At both shows Jason will be doing sketches and have some originals for sale, but the big news is the project he'll be debuting at these shows. I can't spill the beans, but I can say he'll be working with that living legend of entertainment, John Carpenter! Can't get to work with anyone bigger than that, unless you directly work with God himself, can you? Make sure to stop by and say hello to Jason, if you are either of these shows. Just look for the handsome fella in the pic shown here.

You can get more info on Fright Night Film Fest at their website, and more about SDCC at theirs.

Lastly, I'd be remiss if I didn't remind you that our massive summer sale is almost over. It ends tomorrow night at 11:59 PM (PST), so you've got less than 36 hours left to save. There is still a lot of great art available. So, head on over to our art gallery and place your order ASAP! We won't have another sale this big again for quite some time. You'll be sorry if you miss you chance to get some great art and a rock bottom price!

Well, that all for now. But the summer is far from over yet. I'll be back before you know it with more news and info for you all. Until then, peace out!