Artist Bio: Ben "1314" Hansen

Hey everyone! It's been a bit quiet, but all that is gonna change. You know I've been hinting for a while now, that I have some big news coming up. Well, now is the time to let the cat out of the proverbial bag. Sequential Treasures will now be the exclusive art rep for artist Ben "1314" Hansen.

If his name isn't known to you, that's okay. Ben is a fairly new guy to this hallowed industry, but what he lacks in popularity he makes up for with sheer enthusiastic talent. Your humble blogmaster has had the chance to know Ben for years, and in doing so I've watched his style develop and grow very quickly in that time. Don't believe me? Just look at the sample image here to see the kind of work this guy can crank out. But don't let me blow Ben's horn for him, as the artist is more than happy to give the lowdown on himself:

"In a galaxy not quite so far away, nor a time not long ago, Ben “1314” Hansen was bit by the comic bug. Since then he has been penciling away, honing many comic art styles, from mainstream to the macabre and everything in between. Ben got his first break into comics when his good friend and mentor Drew Hayes of Poison Elves asked him to help out with the inks on the book. Ben then moved up to penciling when he got the opportunity to draw Dark Powers and Vermicide for QEW Publishing Group. We can also find Ben’s unique blend of macabre and mainstream in the pages The Dependents soon to be released by Arcana Comics. But if you don’t want to wait that long, you can find his work gracing the pages of Roger Corman Presents Battle Amongst the Star printed by Bluewater Productions. A prequel to the 1986 Roger Corman film, “Battle Beyond the Stars”, of which the first issue will be out this March. Ben has also been working with the good people at 5Finity doing a wide array of sketch cards ranging from the character of MoonstoneComics, Voltron and His personal favorite Zombie VS Cheerleaders."

As you can see, there is plenty Ben Hansen work coming down the pike very soon. You also will have the chance to meet Ben in person, once the convention season swings into gear. We, also, will have some of Ben's original art for sale at our art gallery shortly and will make sure you all know when it hits. So, make sure you take note of his name. You are going to see a lot of it in 2010 and beyond!

That's it for now, art fans. More to come soon. Until then, peace out!


A fresh deal, for a fresh new year!

Happy 2010 to you all, my faithful ones! A new year brings with it a sense of hope and opportunity, as a new beginning usually does and it is no different for us here at Sequential Treasures. Our little holiday break was just the ticket to help us recharge and regroup to make this year even better than the last one. So, in an effort to kick off the new year right, and with the full support and blessings of our artistic stable of talent, we are giving you the chance to grab up some art at a discounted price.

Randy Kintz is going to lower his price on the Batman and Justice League pin ups, from $250.00 to $175.00 respectively. In addition to that, all the art in the published pin-ups room will be discounted $20.00 per piece from the listed price. Some nice bargains to be had on an artist who is only growing better as time goes by.

Not to be outdone, both Richard Moore and Chris Ivy both have decided to drop 20% off all the art I have in stock from them right now. Everything by them, from covers, to pages, to pin-up, is now 20% off! Certainly a nice way to ring in the new year, I must say!

All of this will be running from Jan. 2nd (beginning at 12:01 am PST) through Jan. 10th (until 11:59 pm PST). So, don't delay in placing those orders, as there is only a very limited time to get in on these first great savings for 2010.

That's all for now. But keep tuned in here for more, as I have some things in the works for this year that you will be hearing about very soon, including shipments of new art, a schedule of shows we'll be attending and even some new talent joining the ST family. You don't want to miss staying informed, so make sure to check in here as often as you can. I really am planning to make 2010 superior to 2009! So, until next time, peace out!