Hitting The Shelves: Batman and Robin #2

Hey there, everyone! We're back with more upcoming news for all your Sequential Treasures followers and some other bits of interest. So, strap in and let's get this show on the road!

This Wednesday sees the release of Batman and Robin #2, featuring the peerless inking of our own Mick Gary, from DC's new 52 reboot. It's father and son action, as Batman and Robin face the new menace of the villainous Nobody. That is, when they aren't verbally sparring with each other. This series was one of the better selling ones from the reboot last month and the reviews on it seem to suggest it is a bit of hit with folks. Here's a sampling of what's being said:

"If you are looking for a Batman book to pick up look no further than Batman and Robin." - Kevin of Comic Book Revolution

"Batman and Robin #1 is well paced book with a small dose of action, great dialogue, a memorable new villain, and great work by the art team." - Andrew Asberry of Batman-News.com

"The storytelling is crisp, punchy and clean—in both words and art—even when they both get pretty dark." - Jonathan Messinger of Time Out Chicago

"Batman & Robin #1 is, so far, one of the best of the New 52 releases." - Iann Robinson of Crave Online

"This issue was enjoyable from beginning to end." - Ben Gilbert of Panels On Pages

"... ultimately this tale is fresh, engaging, and a reason to breathe a sigh of continuity-relief." - Joshua Yehl of IGN

So, what more do you need for me to say? Make sure to pick up your copy of issue #2 at you LCS this week. Just look for the cover image shown here.

Now, I'd like to do a little something different. Art sales have been very light around here of late and it is something that needs to change. However, rather than my usual tact of trying to come up with something to help do that, I'm going to give the floor to you, our consumer base. I'd like to know your thoughts. Is there something we aren't doing, but should? Something we are doing, that we shouldn't? Is there something you'd like to see us doing more of? Or less? Or something we are totally missing the boat on? I don't pretend to have a lock on knowledge around here, so let us know what we can do to make the experience more interesting and enticing for you all. You can post your suggestions here, or at our Facebook page, or drop us an email from our art gallery. We really do value your thoughts, so let us know what you are thinking.

Well, that's it for now, but I'll be back soon with more news and art updates. Until then, peace out!

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