Hitting The Shelves: Gobs #2

Once again, my faithful followers, it's time to give you more news about some upcoming works, from one of our illustrious talents, which will be available this wednesday in all finer comic shops!

Given the major art update we had this weekend, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that Richard Moore is keeping things rolling. Gobs #2 is due out this week from Antarctic Press. In this issue of the four part mini-series, Milo and the rest of the gobs have finished turning the hollowed-out body of a dead giant into a pub. They reward themselves with a fun, refreshing dip in the old swimming hole. Yay! Splishy-splashy fun! ...Oh, and the giant comes to life and goes on a deadly rampage. More whacky hijinks from the master of merthful comedy. Just look for the cover shown here.

The series has been getting some good reviews thus far. Here's a couple of them:

"The crisp, cartoony, black & white line work in the book is perfectly matched to the script's irreverent style." - Luke Matthews at the Geek Elite Blog at IGN

"[Richard Moore's] art brings it all to life." - The Comic Book Newbie

And don't forget, we just added almost 40 pages of Richard's art for sale at the art gallery. The pages are from Chip: Second Crack #3 and Boneyard #2. Free shipping for any art order over $150.00, too. Head over to the art gallery and place your order now!

Well, that's all for now. But there's more stuff coming this week, including another update of art and some convention appearance news. You'll certainly not want to miss out on those. So, until then, peace out!

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