Randy Kintz at the Portland Comic Book Show on Sunday!

Hey there, comic art enthusiasts! As the year is coming to a close, there's still lots of things happening around the old Sequential Treasures homestead. So, let me dish on what is going down.

First off, Happy Veterans Day to everyone! Sequential Treasures would like to throw out a salute to all the men and women who fight and sacrifice, so we can enjoy the freedom to do as we do. Our own Randy Kintz is a veteran, so it is even more important to us to take a moment as thank all of those who serve to protect our way of life. You can join us in doing so at our Facebook page, where we've set up a nice little way for you to express your thanks to Randy and all veterans. I hope you will do so.

Next, this Sunday is the Portland Comic Book Show in Portland, OR. It's not only the state's longest running comic convention, but a mainstay on Randy's own schedule. He'll be hanging out in Artist Alley, with some original art and sketchbooks on hand, as well as doing sketches for the fans. On top of that is his usually array of incredible prints, including a new Black Cat piece that is getting debuted at this show (you can see it on our Facebook page, too). But, take note, some of his classic prints will be getting retired after this show. So, if you are in the area this Sunday make sure to stop by the show and see Randy. It is his last show appearance for 2011. You can get directions and more info on who'll be at the show, at their website. Also, if you are very observant, you might even see a certain blogmaster roaming around the show as an attendee.

Of course, if you can't make the show, you can still get yourself some art by Randy from our art gallery (as well as some art from all of our other fine talents). We live to serve here at Sequential Treasures H.Q.

That's all for now. I'll be back soon with more news and info for you all, I'm sure. Until then, peace out!

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