Hitting The Shelves: Gobs #3

Hey there, my fellow art fans. It's once more time to give you all the lowdown on some upcoming work from one of our talented list of artistic masters. Onward and upward....

Getting released this week is Gobs #3 from Antarctic Press and our own Richard Moore. In the third chapter of this four issue mini-series, the gang's new pub--built in the petrified body of a dead giant--is now less a quaint drinking spot and more a reanimated killing machine rampaging through the countryside. Houses are smashed, elves are eaten...and the gobs finally decide they may have to leave their afternoon at the swimming hole and get involved. Expect hilarity and zaniness to ensue, just as you've come to expect from the mind of Richard Moore. And here's some words from others on what they think of it:

"Moore’s vision is unique and I really enjoy it." - Comic Book Newbie

This book is flying under a lot of folks radar, so make sure you pick up your copy at your local retailer this Wednesday. Just look for the cover image shown here. And if they don't have any in stock, tell them to order some.

Also, with the holiday season having officially started, why not get someone you love one of the most unique gifts you can: original art. It is one-of-a-kind, can be enjoyed all year round, and can be a special connection between people. So, stop on by our art gallery and place an order for some of Richard Moore's art (or any of our our other represented talents). As always, any art order over $150.00 get FREE SHIPPING worldwide. Make the season a bit more special and bright, by giving the gift of original art.

That's it for this one, gang. But I'll be back soon with more stuff for you, perhaps even our last art update for 2011 (you certainly wouldn't want to miss that). So, until next time, peace out!

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