Richard Moore's early Christmas present!

Hey, everyone! I'm back again with lots of exciting news (or, at least, news that's exciting to us here at Sequential Treasures H.Q.), so let me just cut right to the chase.

First off, our scanner issue has finally been resolved. I've gotten a new scanner and am back up to full operational capacity. This means that I will not only be able to replace the images of art I've recently posted, via my digital camera, with much better quality scans (in fact, I've already started to do so), but now new art updates can begin again in a much more timely manner.

And speaking of new art updates, that brings me to the other bit of news I have: A new 20 piece art update from Richard Moore. In this batch we have the complete 18 pages from Chip: Second Crack #2, the original cover to Chip: Second Crack #3, and a beautiful pin-up piece of M'Lady (shown right here)! They've all been updated to our art gallery, so head on over and give them a gander. Any of them would make a wonderful Christmas gift for that one you love (even if that person is yourself). Just think of this as an early holiday gift from Richard Moore and Sequential Treasures, to all of you. And as always, any art order of $150.00 or more gets free shipping across the globe. That big man in the red suit isn't the only one who can offer that.

Well, that about does it for now, but I'm sure I'll have some more news and tidbits for you before the year comes to a close. So, until next time, peace out!

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